Pokemon Pinball

When I first heard of Pokemon Pinball, I thought it was really strange. What does Pokemon have to do with pinball anyway? The game is actually pretty good. Your goal is to catch pokemon with your pinball (pokeball). You can also give your pokemon experience points to evolve them.

To catch pokemon you have to go to different places. At the beginning of the game, the game randomly takes you to a place. There you can catch pokemon by doing certain things like sending the ball around the chute, and hitting certain targets. From these places you can go to other places. Some places cannot be reached randomly from the beginning of the game. There are two tables a red one, and a blue one which can be accessed from your game. Just like in the red and blue versions, different pokemon are found.

This is the first pokemon gameboy game to be in color. The world of pokemon looks different in color. The game is still compatible with the old gameboy versions. The game comes with a rumble pack with makes the game seemed more interactive (beware of Pikachu's Thundershock). If you are considering buying it, I would recommend it to you.

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