Pokemon Pinball Review
written by Augie

Pokemon pinball is easily the pinball game since that one that came out about 10 years ago for NES. That was a good game. Sadly Pinball games don't often appeal to many people, but of course Pokemon appeals to about 99/100 of the united states young population. Pokemon Pinball is surprisingly a very addictive game. It's so frustrating sometimes as well. Almost to much of a challenge for a young child. It is a simple yet complex game (like that makes any sense).

Every thing revolves around 5 main areas of the game boards. The point of the pinball game is the same of that as the original gameboy game. You catch and evolve pokemon, and progress through the world of pokemon. How they managed to do this in the form of a pinball is very clever and impressive. The game itself is colorful and cheery. And although I don't like to admit it I wish it add some cheat codes. I believe my life cannot go on until I compete the Pokedex in that game. If anyone knows of any cheat codes, I appreciate it if you could e-mail them to me. Thank you. Check this game out it's well worth it.