Pokemono Island
by Clemisty

"You snuck Pokemon here too?" Donna asked in surprise. Did the girl ask her that because she had seen  the Pokeballs in her pocket? It didn't matter, though.  If those Pokemon were sick, it was her job to heal them.  "Yes, I did bring my Pokemon. But there's something  I would rather know. Can you take care of my Pokemon?" she agitatedly replied. The girl took a ponytail holder off of her wrist and put it in her electric pink  hair.

"As a matter of fact, I do. My name is Donna Joy, and I work at the Pokemon Center in Celadon City. I don't want to be here, but my family made me come. Well, if you want your Pokemon healed, then just give them here," Donna enthusiastically replied. She took Chansey out of her pocket, and let the Pokemon go.

"Thanks for your help. I didn't expect to be sharing a room with a Pokemon Center nurse," the girl responded, handing over the two red, white, and black Pokeballs that contained Arbok and Likitung. "I didn't expect to be sharing a room with someone who had Pokemon that needed to be healed," Donna laughed, opening up the Pokeballs. "You look kind of like that girl from Team Rocket who held up the Pokemon Center in Viridian City. Are you her sister or something?"

"Well, I hope you don't call the manager or anything, but I'm the same person," the girl nervously answered, twirling her heart of the ocean replica around her finger. Donna was totally unprepared for that answer. Not only had she illegally brought Pokemon  to the island, now she was protecting a member of Team Rocket wanted in 7 cities. If the people of Celadon City ever found out about this, her reputation would be ruined. "Don't worry. I promise I won't tell anyone," Donna said, wondering how intelligent her decision was.

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