Pokemono Island
by Clemisty

Donna Joy couldn't believe her family had sent her to Pokemono Island. There weren't any Pokemon there, and Pokemon were her life. She adored them. They were her job, and in being a Pokecenter nurse she did everything in her power to help them. But, the other Joys had insisted on her going, so she had gone.

Before unpacking her suitcase, Donna looked across the room to make sure her roommate wasn't watching. Luckily, she wasn't. The girl was too busy complaining about how much she hated this place over the phone to notice Donna. Apparently, her boyfriend's family had sent her there to get rid of her for some odd reason.

"What a soap opera," Donna thought, turning the key in her suitcase's lock. Then she clicked open the latches and pulled the lid up.

The girl across the room was much less discreet about unpacking her things. She slammed the phone down muttering about her boyfriend's fiancée, and set her luggage on its side. Then she proceeded to kick at it until it popped open. Donna looked inside the suitcase and took her most precious cargo out of its faux leather pocket. It was her Pokemon, a Chansey and a Squirtle. She quickly put them in the pocket of her khaki capris, knowing that if the Pokeballs were seen, she could be arrested.

"Do you know anything about taking care of Pokemon?" the girl across the room asked. "Arbok and Lickitung are probably kind of sick from being stuck in their Pokeballs all week." She was holding two Pokeballs in between the fingers on her left hand.

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