Ash was now infuriated as Brock’s decision, he said “Hey now listen here I’m going to be the greatest Pokemon master one-day, that means no one or Pokemon can stop me. I know Robby is strong but I will beat him” Pikachu said “Chu pika”, Misty asked “But how are you gonna beat him?” Ash decided. “Well I’m gonna train my Pokemon to their absolute best, plus I forgot I had Mew”, after he said that the gang collapsed in grief once they got up the training began. But first they got a good night’s sleep in the Pokemon center, as soon as they got up Ash trained his Pokemon in battles with Brock and Misty. By using his Pokemon against Brock’s and Misty’s Ash worked everyone out to the max Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charizard, Pidgeotto, and Mew. Ash said “Well you guys did great man but Misty uh no wonder Robby beat you quick”, Misty ran up to him screaming “And what does that mean buster?” Ash shaked and said “Uh nothing, nothing at all”. Pikachu butted in and “Pika pi piakchu pika pi” Ash looked to Pikachu hearing him say, “So your ready to fight huh Pikachu? Well then let’s go”. And they were off to Robby’s gym once again, Brock said to Ash “Go on Ash beat that jerk for me and Misty yeah” Misty cheered in as they opened the doors. But to their surprise something strange had happened they looked at Robby who said, “Welcome back failures return to watch me kick your butts again?” Ash walked up and said “No I’m here to get that badge”. Our female trainer Misty asked “Hey what happened to your roof?” everyone stared at, a giant hole in the roof. The leader nervously answered “Uh lighting hit it nasty little storm last night”, Ash said to him “There wasn’t a storm and what happened to you over night?”. The young trainer was referring to the immense body line on his trench coat, Robby smacked his coat trying to straighten it out while saying “I can be such a pig sometimes with my own food” he smiled. 

Then Brock noticed something wrong on his hair “Robby did you miss dying your hair blue last night or what?”, not knowing what Brock is talking about Robby looked in a mirror. And then quickly covered it with brown spray paint, he yelled “Now let’s just fight I want that Pikachu now.. uh I mean I want this fight over with” Ash agreed nervously. In his mind Ash was sure that Robby’s voice changed for a second but then cleared it, as he threw out his Pokeball and said “Pidgeotto I choose you” the famous flying Pokemon flew out. Robby threw out a Pokeball and said “Go Sandslash” out of the ball came a spiny razor clawed mole monster, Ash whipped out his Pokedex who said “Sandslash a mole Pokemon it uses it’s claws to dig under ground while it’s leathery back can protect only some projectiles”. The Pallet Town trainer started the match by saying “Pidgeotto use gust” his flying friend cawed and, then flapped his wings blowing high winds of dust at Sandslash. Robby spitted out the dust in his mouth and said “Sandslash swift attack”, the mountainous sized mole ran at Pidgeotto slashing his claws on his chest. Ash was worried and said “Okay Pidgeotto quick attack” Pidgeotto then swooped down at Sandslash, who didn’t notice him until he was smacked down. The advantage was Ash’s now as he said again “Pidgeotto agility” moving like a hawk Pidgeotto leaped towards Sandslash, but Robby yelled “Sandslash dig under ground” as Sandslash quickly dug deep in the floor. Pidgeotto was searching for Sandslash then Robby laughed and yelled “Now Sandslash fury swipes”, his pocket monster burst from the ground swiping his claws all over Pidgeotto’s body. The Pokemon of Ash was down while Robby’s was ready to finish the match, Pidgeotto twitched with Ash saying “No come on buddy we’ve trained harder than this guy you can do it” then the winged warrior was starting to get up. Sandslash heard his master say “Enough Sandslash roll into a ball and knock him out”, and so Sandslash did zooming for Pidgeotto but he was ready for him. Ash then quickly shouted “Pidgeotto wing attack now” and the bird Pokemon whacked Sandslash with his wings, the balling beast heard Robby say “Keep doing it”. Sandslash repeated the attack so did Pidgeotto but now Pidgeotto has had enough, he whacked Sandslash so hard he toppled over on his back meanwhile Pidgeotto was evolving.

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