The great white glow shined over Ash’s Pokemon as its body grew larger, and powers even stronger with Ash, Brock and Misty saying “Yeah way to go Pidgeotto beat that Sandslash”. As soon as the glow ceased and the dust cleared the bird Pidgeotto cawed no more, as a new cry was heard and that was the cry of PIDGEOT! Ash brought out Dexter he analyzed “Pidgeot the final form of Pidgey, it fly’s faster than any other Pokemon and it’s wings can break stone”. Robby was in shock and yelled “Uh Sandslash rapid poison sting now” Sandslash did his attack, he shot thousands of venomous spikes out at Pidgeot. The now happy owner of Pidgeot said “Pidgeot fly attack”, the super strong bird flew up high with Sandslash’s attack missing him. Pidgeot then came cawing out with Sandslash running away but he could not, as Pidgeot rammed his beak right threw the back of Sandslash knocking him out and ending the match. Ash cheered as he won his first match Robby called back Sandslash and Ash called back Pidgeot, Robby grunted “Well, well good job I see I’m going to have to play harder to beat you again”. This time Robby went first and said “Go Rapidash” out of the Pokeball came the flame covered fire horse Rapidash, Ash this time had a strategy as he said “Squirtle I choose you” and returned did Ash’s water blasting Pokemon. But this Robby was worried he knew that his Rapidash is strong, but too many water moves could finish him so he said “Rapidash use fire spin”. The fast and fiery horse spun around making a Ring of Fire around him, Ash smiled and said “Okay Squirtle hydro pump now” the turtle creature blasted water from his mouth into the ground. The water then bursted out from the ground blowing away the fire before it hit Squirtle, Rapidash stood there as Ash said “Now water gun”. Squirtle took a deep breath and blasted out a stream of strong water, knocking down Rapidash Robby was immensely angry. 

The battle getting intense as Robby said “Rapidash ember attack” the speedy Pokemon, blasted out a stream of fire at Squirtle he took the hit and was thoroughly trashed from it. Robby was now winning and he wanted the match to stay that way, he yelled “Rapidash stomp him” Rapidash lifted up it’s diamond like hoof over Squirtle. Ash panicked and said “Squirtle withdraw” and, Squirtle was able to hide inside his shell while Rapidash was still trying to hit Squirtle. The 2 trainers stared eye to eye but he noticed that Robby’s eyes changed, they were green instead of blue but they both concentrated back on the match. Time to finish this Ash thought as he said “Squirtle bite his leg”, the cute little guy then poked back out and bit Rapidash on his leg. The flaming steed limped backwards in pain as Ash said the finishing move “Now Squirtle use both Bubble and water gun”, Squirtle scratched his head wondering how to do it. Luckily Pikachu leaned over and told him how to do it “Pikachu Chu pika, pikachu”, which translated means “Do one first then the other”. Thanks to Pikachu Squirtle understood first he shot out huge water bubbles, and then topped it off with another water gun as Rapidash fainted with Robby screaming. “2 straight victory’s that does it your Pokemon will need a hospital when I’m done with you” Robby said, Ash replied “Guess again I worked super hard to get that badge and I am gonna win right guys? Yeah”. Pikachu, Brock, Misty, and Togepi said as the Pokemon were called back and the big fight is on, Robby said “Go Nidoqueen” the Pokeball revealed a giant bulky poison skinned monster. This is the female species of the Nidoran’s well it might as well be a cat fight because as soon as Ash threw out his, Pokeball he said “Mew I choose you” the term cat has just gone literal. Robby opened his mouth in shock and said “It’s you again” he said in that familiar voice, but Ash couldn’t hear it this time as Robby shouted “Nidoqueen tackle attack”. The bulky beast rammed towards Mew Ash yelling out “Mew Mega punch”, the psychic wonder blasted out a huge energy fist knocking Nidoqueen down. Wondering what to do next Ash said “Mew transform attack” Mew then sent out a laser beam, the beam hit Nidoqueen and reflected off back at Mew transforming her into Nidoqueen.

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