Now worried wondered who she should send out she got one but she didn’t like it, meanwhile Robby said “Gee what’s wrong Pokemon to weak or to scrawny? Ha, Ha, Ha” he laughed as he said “Go Parasect” they all know Parasect the mushroom headed bug. And as for Misty she sent out “Psyduck” Robby, Ash, Brock said in shock, Misty said “Okay Parasect give him your best shot” thinking about Psyduck’s ultimate headache attack. Seeing what she’s doing Robby once again burst out laughing, “How dumb do you think I am? Ha, Ha, Ha, sheesh everyone knows that Psyduck gets strong from a headache”. “Oh man Psyduck scratch” the yellow fat little duck waddled over to Parasect and tried to scratch him with puny little claws, not even bothering Robby said “Yeah right Parasect show him a real scratch”. The mighty orange parasitic Pokemon smacked Psyduck across the room, the hit made Psyduck go right to sleep Misty angrily yelled “You dumb duck sometimes I wish I never caught you” as she called him back. This awesome leader called back Parasect and said “Next?” Ash wasn’t waiting anymore, he spoke out “Me that badge is why I’m here” Robby smiled at Ash “Oh I have a Pokemon that you will like especially like Ash”. The battle Ash has been waiting for started as Ash said “Bulbasaur I choose you” the mini yet mighty plant lizard comes out of his Pokeball, Robby threw out his and said “ Ha Go Kangaskhan” the rare giant kangaroo reptile monster stomped on to the floor. “This isn’t the special Pokemon for you Kangaskhan tail whip” Robby commanded as his creature slapped his long tail over Bulbasaur’s face, Ash now told Bulbasaur “Bulbasaur give him vine whip attack”. Trying out his own whips Bulbasaur launched out 2 long green vines that wrapped around Kangaskhan’s feet and tripped him, Robby was getting mad “Your good but not that good Kangaskhan comet punch” the tall lizard heard and was now powering up. His fist grew yellow as he launched his glowing fists at Bulbasaur he landed 2 hits on Bulbasaur “No Bulbasaur”, Ash cried to his Pokemon now he said for the final move “Bulbasaur solar beam now”. 

But try as he might Bulbasaur couldn’t do it Ash wondered “Huh what’s wrong? He’s done it before”, Robby smiled and said “Dunce don’t you know that you need sun energy to use solar beam, oh well Kangaskhan bite attack” Kangaskhan opened his mouth wide and was about to chomp on Bulbasaur. Misty told Ash “Ash do something before he bites Bulbasaur in half”, Ash groaned “Oh Bulbasaur evade it” Bulbasaur did it right in time Kangaskhan slammed his teeth right into the floor. Now with the monster stuck Robby was loosing it “Kangaskhan get up now and use dizzy punch”, but his teeth just wouldn’t budge, Ash however needed to know what to do then all of the sudden Togepi was scared by Kangaskhan so he ran outside. Once he opened the door everyone one saw the sunlight poor in, Misty picked up Togepi and said “Good job Togepi” he replied “Preeee” as Ash said “Okay now do solar beam Bulbasaur”. The Pokemon nodded and started gathering up the sun energy, “Kangaskhan get UP NOW!” Robby screamed but by the time Kangaskhan was loose Bulbasaur blasted out his weapon ZAP! Bulbasaur took a breather and Kangaskhan took a nap after being blasted Robby yelled, “Argh nice job but now no more Mr. Nice guy you are toast” the young man called back Kangaskhan and Ash did so with Bulbasaur. Robby was ready “So who is your Pokemon?” Ash replied “That’s easy Pikachu you can do it right buddy?”, Pikachu walked smiled and said “Chu” Robby said “How nice well let’s see what this rat can do time for that surprise of mine”. Ash was confident in Pikachu and didn’t care who Robby had but they should’ve, the cocky gym leader threw out his Pokeball and said “Pokeball go” and out of the ball came a monster of huge remembrance it had long gray wings, sharp teeth, and a taste for meat. The Pokemon cried out “Aeroahhh” if you hadn’t guessed it was AERODACTYL, the pterodactyl like beast flew across the top of the gym Ash asked “How did you get him?”. 

The gang knew him all to well they remember when they fell into Grandpa canyon, Team Rocket tried to get Pokemon fossils but instead they found resurrected Pokemon known as Kabuto, Kabutops, Omanyte, Omastar, and of course Aerodactyl. Robby knew Ash would be scared and he was along with Brock and Misty, because of how Ash remembers that Aerodactyl tried to eat him. he said “I found this guy sleeping in a canyon along with 4 other Pokemon, I caught them all I knew with these guys no one could beat me”. Pikachu turned to Ash and said faintly “Pikachu” but Ash said “Come on Pikachu you can do it give him a thunderbolt”, his best friend agreed and launched out electricity all at Aerodactyl. The monster as well Robby laughed “You can’t win Aerodactyl is part rock now my turn Aerodactyl wing attack”, the flying rock beast obeyed as it swooped down to Pikachu and whacked him with his wings. The electric mouse rolled over him self Ash then tried something else, “Pikachu try agility” Pikachu saw what Ash was getting at as he launched himself at Aerodactyl’s face and swiped at it blinding him sort of. “Now with all your strength thunder attack” Pikachu tried as hard as ever and said “Piakchuuu”, as all the electricity from his body zapped down blasting Aerodactyl. Both fell to the floor Pikachu fine Aerodactyl barely able to fight, Ash cheered in happiness but Robby said “My Aerodactyl isn’t done yet now supersonic”. Faking the pain (a little) the prehistoric dinosaur screeched out a noise that made everyone go nuts, no one could hear except for Robby who said “Now finish him off with take down” Aerodactyl attacked. The monster flew across the room at the dazed Pikachu, he slammed his rock body right into Pikachu’s the little guy laid there as Aerodactyl stood up and cried out in victory. Robby smiled and said “Good fight Ash but not good enough”, mad that’s all what Ash was Robby’s Pokemon were unstoppable and now Brock must try his luck. 

The ex gym leader was just as mad as Ash “You think your strong your just weak if you torment someone cause their not as strong” Brock stated, Robby called Aerodactyl back and said “I don’t need any advice from a quitter now let’s just fight”. Ash and Misty had already lost to Robby Brock was their last chance, the rock trainer threw out his Pokeball and said “Go Geodude” out of the ball came a 2 armed human faced rock monster. Knowing what Pokemon Brock has Robby tossed out a Pokeball and said “I choose you Hitmonlee”, the kicking mouth less fighting Pokemon Hitmonlee was ready to crack Geodude. Brock was still not scared as he commanded out “Geodude use rock throw”, the hardheaded guy pulled out of the ground medium sized boulders which he threw at Hitmonlee but he simply chopped each one in half. “Hitmonlee double kick” Robby told the kicking fiend as he kicked Geodude at double the speed, Geodude fell over Brock yelled “Geodude get up and use earthquake”. The rock monster quickly got up and shook the floor like a real earthquake Hitmonlee tripped, “Now tackle attack” going with super speed Geodude rolled into a ball and tackled down Hitmonlee. As Robby watched he was getting a little upset but not for long “Hitmonlee now rolling kick”, the master fighter also rolled and then drop kicked an surprised Geodude. Getting back the advantage Robby said “Now give him a jump kick” like a rabbit Hitmonlee leaped into the air, and rapidly jump kicked Geodude down. Trying to protect his Pokemon Brock yelled “Use harden” Geodude harden his skin but it would not last that long, the faster Hitmonlee kicked the more cracks appeared on the rock monster.

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