Now the whole gang was worried “Brock do something if Geodude doesn’t get out of that he’s gravel” Ash told Brock, but then Brock got it he told Geodude “Geodude explosion now”. Then the hard skinned Pokemon glowed as he exploded blasting away Hitmonlee, the mouth less Pokemon fell to the floor still kind of strong. The gang was happy as they thought Geodude won, Pikachu cheered “Pika pi pikachu” and Togepi smiled but it didn’t last. As the bomb dust cleared Geodude stood there panting after the energy it took out of him, Brock yelled “Geodude it’s Hitmonlee” the stone Pokemon turned to see Hitmonlee making his foot glow. The gym leader screamed out “All right take him out mega kick” the monster nodded and leaped at Geodude, his body looked like a blur as he smashed his foot into Geodude. The poor monster flew into Brock knocking them both down, Robby just watched and said “It looks like your Pokemon are cracking up is that all you got?” as Brock called back Geodude. Knowing that he had to bring out the top guns Brock tossed another Pokeball and said “Go Onix”, out of it came the mighty tall rock snake of strength Onix. Robby was barley impressed by that as he said “I choose you Warturtle”, the Pokeball revealed a turtle with war paint on it’s face stiffening his white long ears. Once again Ash brought out Dexter to analyze this Pokemon “Warturtle the evolved form of Squirtle this water warrior fights with no fear, it’s ears can hear over 1 ½ mile while it’s water strength makes it strong”. Brock bit his lip and said “Man you really do have all weaknesses of Pokemon don’t you?”, Robby answered “First yes and second to make it worse my Wartrtle is at it’s highest level”. They all looked at Warturtle one more time and then it happened, the creature floated and glowed bright as it’s body grew larger. By the time it landed they all knew what happened Warturtle had evolved into BLASTOISE!, Ash checked again “Blastoise the final phase of Squirtle it’s shell is stronger then stone, and the water guns on it’s back are 50 times stronger”.

Having no choice Brock yelled “Quick Onix slam attack” the stone snake ran to Blastoise, he then was about to slam the shellfish. But Robby said “Blastoise water gun” the mammoth monster shot out streams of water blasting away Onix, water being rock’s weakness Onix wouldn’t last long. Blastoise stomped over to Onix ready to attack Brock cried, “Come on Onix rock throw” the monstrous snake barely made it up as it launched giant boulders “bowling” over Blastoise. Robby was shocked the next attack was yelled out “Onix now bind him” of course Onix wrapped around Blastoise, trying to crush him but his shell blocked it as Robby said “Bubble attack” the scrunched shellfish spitted out mini bubbles that bursted into splashes of water. As Onix released him Blastoise heard the final move “Skull bash” Robby said, water shooting champ lowered his head, leaped at Onix and smashed his head right into Onix’s chest. The towering rock beast collapsed with Brock trying to tend to his Pokemon’s wound, Robby and Blastoise smiled while he said “Game, set and match be seeing you in the league not” the cruel leader laughed out. As the gang walked down to the Pokemon center to heal their Pokemon, Ash was very angry “That jerk how could be so strong man being a snob doesn’t help either” he moped. Not the only one bothered by Robby Misty and Brock wondered about his Pokemon, “Man his Pokemon are trained really good, everything we threw at him he took them all out” Misty said”. Ash wanted to know what Brock thought about Robby but he found him by Nurse Joy, “Oh not again even in Bio City he hits on Nurse Joy” Ash groaned as Brock tried to get a date with the nurse. “So after work you wanna go out for a stroll?” Brock said to Joy, she replied “Sorry this place never closes besides you don’t live here do you?” Brock then blushed. “Uh no but I can move in with you huh?” he told her but she had already walked away, “Brock what do you think I should do? Hello?” Ash asked Brock he replied “I’m sorry but Robby’s Pokemon are too strong I’m staring to think we never should of come here”. 

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