They all agreed that Mew should stay with Ash, but the young boy saw that Misty still felt sad for Seth so than Ash had an idea. “Hey Misty don’t worry Ill’ give Seth a note telling him that Mew is in good hands”, Misty smiled and said “Well if you give her to me then she will be in better hands since you mess up always”. “I do not and I will prove it too when I beat Robby” Ash argued back, now our heroes had continued to head for Robby’s gym. And once they got to the Pokemon center, there it was right in front of the whole city a giant gym covered with electronics equipment. Togepi was shaking as they opened the door and entered the gym Misty calmed him down, inside the gym was like the home of a comic book super villain. Solid walls covered by steel circuitry, giant tubes with a strange purple liquid flowing threw them all above a giant jade green carpet.

The gang stared in awe at the gym then stared in fear (for a second), as they looked at a giant throne and whom was seated in that throne non other than Robby the wrecker. The kid was 15 years old he stood up very tall taller that Seth, he wore a light brown trench coat with a B and C on the sides of it (Bio City). They looked at his dark blue eyes as he fixed his short brown hair, upon the flap around his neck where 2 objects were on it. One was a symbol of a Pokeball with a championship belt over it, and the other was a yellow and blue badge it was shaped and appeared to look like a microchip it was the Bio badge. As our nervous hero stood there he finally asked “Are you Robby the wrecker?”, Robby answered “Yeah I m’ him who want’s to know?” he said in his teenaged dark voice. Ash said “I do I am” “Ash Ketchum” Robby said finishing Ash’s sentence he asked in shock “How did you know?”, Robby laughed and said “Some cocky big trainer kid battle me and told me that a worthless slug of a trainer named Ash Ketchum was following him. He said his name was Garry” Ash cried out in anger out he just remembered that Garry came to Bio City too, “So your Ash and this must be Brock of Pewter city” Robby sneered.  The gang froze in even bigger shock at this news, Robby said in sarcasm “What all gym trainers know each other except for Brock because he quit being one. But I don’t know who this girl is?” he stared at Misty she replied, “I am Misty the gym leader from Cerulean City you must know about me too then” but Robby didn’t. “Please your no gym leader your sisters told me about a scrawny reject of a sister named Misty”, Robby insulted as Misty started getting ticked. But now “Enough already I came here to battle do you want to or not Robby?”, the mysterious leader burst out laughing his face almost turning red at the thought of fighting Ash. He stopped when Ash yelled out “Well do you want to battle?” Robby quickly got serious “Not one trainer in this town nor the ones Iv’ met have beaten me Garry didn’t even win, but the fight of his Pokemon against mine was immense. The battle ended up as a tie but I gave him the Bio badge because of his immense excellence in battle, I except but only on one condition I want to fight all 3 of you it will give my Pokemon a good work out”. Ash and the gang talked it amongst themselves Pikachu too, as they had to do one thing first Ash was ready to battle. “Okay all of us will battle you but if they win they do not get the badge, I am the only one here trying to get one”. Robby nodded and opened up his trench coat wide inside the pockets were hundreds of Pokeballs but he only pulled out 6, Ash talked to the others “Come on guys we need our best Pokemon to take Robby right, right” they all agreed. 

As there is in all gyms Robby’s rules were clearly explained by Robby, he stated them 1-In 1 on 1 battle only 3 Pokemon are allowed, 2-in more than more battle only 2 Pokemon are used per person, and 3-WATCH OUT FOR ME! (a little scare joke). Robby had his Pokemon 2 for each trainer, and Ash, Brock, and Misty had the same Robby then smiled and said “So who want’s to go first?”. Wanting to get back at Robby Misty she went first and said, “Me first no one calls me scrawny and gets away with it” Ash wanted to go but the battle was about to begin. Misty threw out a Pokeball and said “Misty calls Starmie” the jewel chested purple starfish was ready to rumble, Robby laughed as he threw out his Pokeball and said “Ha that fish is no match for Electrode” the ball opened into the fastest electric Pokemon Electrode. Misty knew this was a problem because electric Pokemon can beat water ones, but she still tried she called out “Starmie water gun attack”. Like its earlier evolved form Staryu water came from its head right at Electrode, the monster ball merely turned left while Robby said “Blast him with sonic boom” then a mini electric tornado came out of Electrode. The force knocked over Starmie Misty cried “No Starmie try hydro pump”, a very strong attack as water broke threw the floor sending Electrode lying on his back side. Robby was a bit mad at that and said “That’s it Electrode tackle him and then self destruct”, now all were worried except Robby the over grown battery tackled Starmie to the ground then made himself go KABOOM! Once the giant explosion dust cleared all that was left was Starmie battered to death, the starfish creature collapsed as Misty called Starmie back and Robby did on what’s left of Electrode.

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