In my mind my father was a hero for his choice to stay at the lab to complete Mew, but I barely ever saw him anymore and one night the worst of all things happened. S.A.M warned my father that a huge earthquake was about to hit the lab, he didn’t cared he was determined to prove his colleges wrong. But by the time he finally finished it was too late, the earthquake hit my father like a bullet, the rumbling shook like bombs the rocks smashed on my father taking away his life. No one knew about it except me because S.A.M sent me a garbled e-mail from the images that I saw that day, I was sure that neither S.A.M, Mew, nor my father had survived. After a couple of days I told my fellow workers of Pokemon research enterprises, they had to know but if anyone knew about Mew people would look for the lab and they would find if she’s alive Mew then they would use her for who knows what. No I could not take this risk so our company used our secret technology to erase any videos, reports, pictures, and any things about Bio City. Today I am still trying to find proof from my dead father’s files, that Mew was safe and that is why Bio City is a secret I hope you will not tell any one else about here when you leave”. Ash and the gang swore that they would tell no one else, even Pikachu and Togepi said “Pikachu” “Pree togi” which meant that the same goes for them. Ash now ready for what he was waiting for asked, “Well Seth I was wondering do you know where Robby’s gym is?”. Seth is surprised at his question “Sure it’s at the end of the city by the Pokemon center, trainer’s Pokemon end up there a lot which is why I want to know how come you actually want to fight Robby?”. “I want to become the best Pokemon master of all time and to do that I will face all challenges before me, besides he can’t be that hard to beat” Ash said cocky as ever now. Misty and Brock said “He’s doing it again”, “Yeah when says he’s gonna be a winner he ends up being the loser this is gonna be a loooong day”.

But for once in her life Misty saw what Ash was talking about, she walked up to Seth and said “Wait a second Mew’s not history right before we got here we” but she couldn’t finish because Ash and Brock shut her mouth. The boys kept her quiet not wanting Seth to know that Ash owns Mew, “Uh guys what did she just say? Something about Mew?” Ash and Brock had to come up with a cover story. Brock got one and said “No you see she has problem with her brain, Yeah when she hears something really sad like that story Misty gets the craziest ideas” Ash said backing up Brock’s story. But Misty was not going to let them do this so she freed her self from their hands, “Guys stop it now as I was saying before some morons interrupted me” Misty tried to finish. Brock and Ash saw that they were going to need more than hands, Ash leaned down and whisper to Pikachu “Pikachu we can’t let Misty tell Seth anything give her a small thunder shock” Pikachu nodded. Then all of the sudden right before Misty got finished, “Pikachu” said Pikachu as the cute little guy fried Misty beyond belief. The water loving Misty dropped like a rock Togepi walked to her and cried “Wahhhh”, Pikachu saw him there and walked to over to explain why he did that. Pikachu said “Pikachu pika, pika chu Pikachu”, which meant “I had to stop her Ash says she could tell that guy about Mew then she would take her away”. Togepi looked back at Ash he gave Togepi a wink, the egg shaped Pokemon then was happy as he said “Preee togi, togi”. Now Brock and Ash have to act fast they picked up Misty’s body only to have Seth ask, “Hey Ash why did your Pikachu just zap Misty” our future to be Pokemon master replied. “Oh that well if Misty had kept on talking that problem of hers would have kept her go on forever”, as they ran out the door Ash, Brock, Pikachu, Togepi, waved good bye to Seth Misty did too sort of. 

As our heroes went off Seth also said goodbye and a warning of Robby, “Ash one more thing Robby’s Pokemon are anything from all types good luck” but first they had to fix Misty. Pikachu poked at Misty saying “Pi pikachu” but now Ash knew what she needed “Water Squirtle I choose you”, he said as he brought out once more his water blasting buddy. Then all of the sudden Misty woke up with out anyone noticing, “Squirtle water gun on Misty” Ash commanded the little turtle as he shot a stream of water making Misty go stir crazy mad. After Squirtle stopped Ash called him back once Misty got up really steamed, “Hey it worked good thinking Ash” Brock complimented but Misty didn’t think so. BAM! Misty punched Pikachu, Ash, and Brock right into a wall, “What’s the idea here first Pikachu attacks me and then you 2 try to drown me huh?” Misty screamed at Ash and the guys as all 3 of them fell to the floor. Misty was not the only one angry Ash and Brock yelled back to her, “We were trying to stop you from telling Seth about Mew” Misty heard them but didn’t understood them. The not so happy Pokemon trainer girl asked “But why?” Brock took care of that “I think Ash doesn’t want to tell Seth that Mew is still alive, if he did people would want to go back and look for that lab after Seth said he want’s no one in there”. Making a good point Misty still wondered though “But don’t you think he would be happier knowing that his father was right about Mew all along?”. Ash decided now to speak for himself “I don’t want to sound greedy but with out Mew, Robby will still beat me in Pokemon and I want to take this guy out”. Pikachu climbed up on Ash’s back and said “Pikachu”agreeing with Ash’s decision “Besides Pikachu and my other Pokemon like her if she stayed with, Seth they would just study her all day and she could never make friends” Ash finished.

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