“Water gun on the ground” Ash said and while Squirtle shot out his water on the floor, Team Rocket slipped right on it and fell to the ground. Now for the right moment Ash called back Squirtle and called out Bulbasaur, Ash then said “Bulbasaur bring Pikachu with vine whip” the cute little plant lizard shot out 2 green vines that picked up Pikachu and brought him to Ash. Obviously not taking this lying down Team Rocket got back up and threw out their Pokeballs and out came Arbok and Weezing, “Arbok stop those brats” said Jesse as the slippery snake leaped itself at Ash. Bulbasaur saw Arbok and tackled him down into the stomach, “Charbock” said Arbok as then Ash said “Bulbasaur razor leaf attack now” and out of Bulbasaur came micro razor leaves that sliced and diced Arbok. “Bulbasaur bulba” said Bulbasaur as he watched Arbok retreat, James said “Weezing gas attack” and the floating gas beast blasted out some foggy toxic gas. “Hey where is everyone?” Brock asked then Misty said “Ash hang on to Pikachu woohh”, they all tripped on each other when the gas cleared Ash, Brock, and Misty was tied up. Meowth laughed and then said “Ha, Ha, Ha you thought wrong trying to out run Team Rocket this time and now Pikachu is ours”, he then walked up to take Pikachu in his bag until he saw something. Out of Ash’s pocket rolled out a Pokeball which opened up to Meowth’s surprise the amazing Mew, Team Rocket stared at it until she said “Mew, mew” James asked “What is that thing?”. Ash answered “Its name is Mew and it’s the strongest Psychic Pokemon ever” then Team Rocket looked at each other and laughed, “This furball is going to stop us Meowth could probably even beat thing” Jesse snickered. Meowth yelled “Shut up at least I have the brains here now say goodbye pinky” he then was about to slash Mew in the face, but a blue aura surrounded Mew and Meowth as a psychic move was occurring.

Meanwhile Misty and Togepi was able to squeeze threw the ropes as Ash brought out his Pokedex, “Mew attack’s Super punch, Psychic, pound and transform”. Ash and co. then watched as Mew’s attack “Super punch” took toll as a giant energy fist whacked Meowth into Jesse and James, they all said “Ouch Uh oh” as Mew was powering up for another attack. James stood there stuttering “What are we gonna do huh well what already?” Jesse now gotten her confidence back said, “That Pokemon is even better Pikachu let’s grab it before it zaps us”. Team Rocket charges at Mew calling out once again Arbok and Weezing, but none of them saw Ash opening Pikachu’s bag releasing him from his confinement. Like before Mew stopped Team Rocket right before they could reach her with her aura, Ash then saw that Mew had an idea she said to Ash “Mew, mew, mew”. Pikachu translated it to Ash by saying “Chu Pika, pika pikachu” he now understood, Brock and Misty understood as well as Mew hovered Team Rocket over the water puddle that Squirtle had created earlier. And now for the final blow “Uh guys I think you know what’s coming uh huh”, Meowth said to Jesse and James as Pikachu was charging up waiting for Ash to say “Pikachu thunder attack” and he did. Out of the mega powered mouse himself came a giant bolt of lighting like energy, the water caused major electrocution all this negative energy caused Weezing’s gasses in side him to go KABOOM! The immense explosion from the gas gargling monster caused all of Team Rocket to go far beyond their wildest possibilities, “Well no Pikachu no cutesy pink cat Pokemon so it looks like Team Rocket is blasting off again” Team Rocket saying their cry threw out the sky.

Ash, Brock, Misty, Pikachu, and Togepi all turned to Mew and thanked her as best they could. “Wow I knew you were strong but man you and Pikachu make a good team” Ash said to both Pikachu and Mew, both then blushed from all the compliments. “Pi pikachu” “Mew, mew” the Pokefriends said to one another in their own language, thanks a lot for a great job well done. Mew had her first look at Team Rocket, they had won that battle but Team Rocket will always return to finish the war. As soon as Ash called Mew back to her Pokeball they continued their journey to Cinnabar Island or so they thought, but once they reached the top of the next hill no island was there except for a huge futuristic looking town which was known as BIO CITY. The gang once again stared in awe at the town “This isn’t Cinnabar Island is it Brock?” Misty asked in confusion, Brock turned to Misty and answered “Can’t be Cinnabar is an island this is a town and it’s not even on the map”. Pikachu looked over farther and said “Pika pikachu” in amazement Ash wondered “Maybe this town was just built or it’s a lost city or something like that” because none of them had ever heard of Bio city. Ash and his friends walked down into the town seeing on all the buildings, houses, and shops look like something out of the future. The streets were paved of a steel like robot texture, cars shaped like floating pods zoomed across while Ash and the others wondered why other towns aren’t like this. Ash looked to the side for a minute and said “Hey look over there” as he pointed to a tower shaped building, “Pokemon research enterprises” Brock read what was across the top of the tower they then headed inside.

Once the gang got in they saw billions of wondrous things, scientist’s walking back and forth with test tubes and printed out files they all stopped once they saw Ash come in. A teenager at least a bit taller than Garry Oak greeted the gang and began to welcome them, the strange kid had dark black hair made into a ponytail. “Hello you must be new here I am Seth Thomas and who are you?” Seth asked, the guys answered “Hi am Ash and this is Brock and Misty” introducing themselves. “And down here is my best friend Pikachu” Ash told Seth pointing down to his pet Pokemon, Seth had now just realized who they are. “Oh wait I know you now another boy came here saying he was from Pallet town he kept talking about a loser trainer named Ash”, Seth replied but it only made Ash mad “Loser hey who are you calling a loser?” trying to calm him down Seth apologized. “Sorry I’m just repeating what that boy said all though I’m surprised that you 3 made it to Bio city as well”, all in puzzlement Brock asked “Um why is that? I mean what is this place?” Seth decided then to explain. “Well you see a long time ago our company Pokemon research enterprises had very little money, we could not find any money to continue our expanded research. Then one day our good friend Bill the famous researcher helped us out, he got an extension on his research fund after playing a tape he recorded from a mysterious new Pokemon”. Ash interrupted “Hey Bill we met him and we were all able to hear that noise, and we saw the Pokemon sort of” Seth smiled and then continued. “Good then you know what I’m talking about after some payments thanks to Bill, we had enough money to start our first lab but we built it underground to keep a secret on what we were doing. Months and months went buy until finally we completed our tests we had then created some Pokemon, for the first time in history by now you might have heard of the 2 Pokemon Scyther and Porygon.

After those 2 Pokemon were created we cloned them one by one so trainers all over the world could catch one, then do to the success of our creations the Pokemon league allowed us to build a gym along with a brand new town and a badge. Of course the league picked a new gym leader for our town, but like our town the leader must be strong like steel and smart like a computer. You see technology makes this town great the more we make the more our happy town can continue, like Prof. Oak we need to see and confirm all types of Pokemon so we know everything we can about them. Our town was called Bio City in light of our creations, their structure was supposed to be robotic but we all know that flesh is the Pokemon way. The leader picked is named Robby the wrecker”, Misty asked “Um why is he called the wrecker? What kind of name is that?” Seth then tried to prepare them for the news. “You see he is called the wrecker because he wrecks Pokemon so to speak, he knows all gym leaders and makes sure he has the right Pokemon to beat them. All Pokemon types have weaknesses and Robby knows them all including their advantages, in fact before he came here he claimed that he had captured 1 brand new Pokemon that no one has ever seen before. No trainer has beaten him his Pokemon are powerful beyond anything you could think, but like this town not many people know about Robby or Bio City.

Pikachu like the others stood there in perplexity and said “Pika”, Ash was now more intrigued than ever. He asked Seth “Now wait a minute if Robby is so strong and he has the 9th badge why don’t people know about him or this city?”, Seth knew that was coming from so he already had the answer. “Well like they always say nothing is as it seems, the lab we built began to work on a new Pokemon called Mew but it this time there was a problem”. Ash, Brock, Misty, and Pikachu froze except for Togepi he just wandered around, they had now just discovered that the lab they were just in was made by this town. Seth stared at them and asked “Hey are you guys okay? You look like a Haunter just licked you”, Brock trying to stay calm said “Oh were’ just dandy just keep going it’s not like we know what your talking about”. The young genius started up again “All right then Mew was a top secret psychic Pokemon we actually not me though, you see my father Brandon Thomas is the one who actually made the other 2 Pokemon and Mew. After creating her with our technology he found out that her power levels were off the charts, but just as worked my father knew there was people like Team Rocket who would want to steal our Pokemon for evil purposes. So for security reasons he built a robotic eye like invention, the bot was called S.A.M which was code for Surveillance Automatic machine. Getting back to the power level charts my father thought this was excellent, but his colleges did not they believed that Mew not only that Mew is too powerful but also the fact that anyone who catches one could go power mad.

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