Misty cried “That’s not fair that move confused Staryu” she then called Staryu back, finally Ash was next he came up and said “Well robot you might have beaten Brock and Misty but the Pokemon I’m using can’t be stopped”. The young hero then threw out his Pokeball and said “Charizard I choose you” and out came the flying fire spewing dragon, “Well my dragon has the type and power to beat yours meet Gyarados” there was there was the monstrous water dragon that barely anyone has seen. Now staring it off the robot said “Gyarados bite him now” the water snake ran over tired to put the bite on Charizard, he missed as Ash said “Charizard flame spin now”. The command was said as the fire dragon spun around creating a vortex of fire, the spin knocked Gyarados into the wall. So far so good for Ash he said “Okay slash attack” Misty and Brock watched Charizard swipe his claws on Gyarados, “Hey Ash is doing pretty good considering the fact that fire can’t beat water” said Misty. Not as well convinced Brock said “Yeah but Ash better watch out Gyarados has a weapon that is super powerful it’s called….. Hyper beam”, said the robot as Gyarados zapped away Charizard with this awesome laser move. Charizard fell to the floor with Ash saying “No come on Charizard you can beat him anything is possible”, but it looks like Gyarados was about to repeat the move to end this match. Now powering up Gyarados watched over Charizard just about ready, suddenly getting an idea Ash said “Charizard once he hits you use rage attack”.

“Now to finish this Gyarados fire hyper beam” the robot said and Gyarados did landing a direct hit on Charizard, he took the pain just waiting to release his secret weapon and then it happened. Charizard stood up with all watching left in shock “Now release rage along with flame thrower” Ash said, as Charizard did zapping Gyarados back with his own move as well the fiery final move of his flame thrower. FACHOOM! went Gyarados as he was fried out of commission, “Unbelievable no trainer has beaten my Gyarados nor has a fire Pokemon to a water one” the robot said shocked. Ash was happy as the robot pulled back a curtain and said “You truly deserve my Pokemon I now present you with the most powerful Psychic Pokemon ever Mew”, behind the curtain was a Pokeball which opened up to show Mew the cute kitty cat creature of Psychic abilities. The robot picked up Mew, put her back her Pokeball, and gave it to Ash who said “Thank you I know with Mew I will become the greatest Pokemon master ever now for sure”. But before they left the robot said “Wait before you leave I must do something for you” he picked up Dexter, and gave it a little volt of electricity “Hey what did you do to Dexter?” Ash asked. The robot said “All I did was upgrade him to a new file for Mew, now you can do all of her attacks” he then, gave it back to Ash. Brock though had a question before they left “How are we suppose to get outside any way?” the robot answered, “Oh don’t worry I have an ejector seat that will fling you outside so long my friends”.

The ground then shook as Ash, Misty, and Brock left screaming as they were shot out into the air, they landed hard right on top of Team Rocket. All moaned and groaned “That ejector seat needs a tune up” said Brock he whined, Ash blurted out “Now I know how Team Rocket feels” “Pika” Pikachu added on. “Well no that you know how we feel can you feel yourselves getting up already?” Jesse yelled out, Ash and co. said “Huh who said that?” until Togepi pointed at a white T-shirt with a big red R on it. Then all of the sudden everyone screamed as Team Rocket threw them off their backs, “Does this give you a clue?” Meowth snarled at them. They began their motto “Prepare for trouble, and make it double, to protect the world from devastation, to unite all peoples within our nation. To denounce the evils of truth and love, to extend our reach to the stars above Jesse, James, Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light, surrender now or prepare to fight, Meowth that’s right” they said as we heard them say it so many times. “Why did you have to land on our heads? we were just eating lunch” James complained, Ash stood up mad and said “How did you escape jail?” Jesse smiled and said “You know we always escape and you know also that Pikachu is ours”. Ash and co. stood back and yelled “No way” “We thought you might say that all right James hit it” Meowth said, he started up the food faking machine and out came a hologram of an apple. Pikachu saw it and slowly headed for it until Ash said “Pikachu don’t” but it was too late, the vacuum was sucking in Pikachu and dropping him in the electric proof net. Team Rocket quickly grabbed Pikachu, ran out, and gave Ash and co. all rasberry’s, thinking quick Ash called out “Squirtle I choose you” out of the Pokeball came the cute water squirter Squirtle.

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