Zeerax had evolved into “RAZORBAX!” (Robby had just named it now) this new form of Zeerax was the size of a Volkswagen beetle, the orange skin had gotten much darker than before. The tail was longer than ever his claws grew on all ends plus, green diamond shaped spots were on his sides. Behind his head the horns were curved a little, and the row of spikes had turned to split horns all on the back of his hunch. Team Rocket was smiling as well Ash and the gang were stammering Misty said, “Oh man not only is bigger but now it’s gotten scary looking” Brock couldn’t say a thing. But Ash still fought on he said “Pikachu thunder shock”, Pikachu was worried but he still shot out the electricity at Razorbax Jesse repeated the shield move. After the even more strongly mystery Pokemon absorbed the energy Jesse said “Razorbax use tail slam”, and with the lift of his mighty tail Razorbax slammed it on Pikachu’s back he yelled “Pika”. Then Jesse said “Yes you lose Pikachu Razorbax fury attack”, with glee the monster shot out mini nails from his back at Pikachu who took the hits even more worse each hit. Ash was now more worried than ever he yelled “Pikachu hang on try quick attack”, the Pokemon zapping wonder was too weak to attack this time. Team Rocket was cheering and rhyming? “Pokemon after Pokemon none could beat that Pikachu, but now that we have Razorbax we finally didn’t lose” Jesse and James rhymed Meowth smacked them across their faces with his claws and said. “Enough rhyming let’s finish Pikachu and take him along with Mew”, Jesse barley moving managed to say “Razorbax do horn attack on the floor” her plan was about to reveal as Razorbax blasted out his mighty horns at the floor. Making it to crack open like a tremor just hit the gym, Pikachu cried “Pikachu” as he landed stuck in the hole. 

As soon as they got up Jesse and James were happy to see Pikachu stuck, Ash and the gang yelled “Pikachu no” they all shouted but Pikachu could not escape. Once Jesse read the most deadliest sounding attack “Laser breath” it seems all was lost, but Ash had gotten one more idea thanks to Robby who gave it to him from behind. Ash told Pikachu “Pikachu take the hit and wait till Razorbax is closer to you trust me”, even though it sounded crazy Pikachu trusted his friend. Team Rocket screamed out “Fire laser breath” and Razorbax opened his mouth and shot the super weapon, Pikachu was landed with a direct hit he screamed but saved of his most energy for what Ash had planned. After 2 agonizing minutes of the laser Razorbax stopped out of breath as Jesse said, “All right one more hit and hello Pokemon heaven” James then picked the last move he said “This ought be a doozy Razorbax seismic toss”. The match was about to end and it appears Razorbax would be the victor but, once the happy monster jammed his horns under Pikachu’s armpits to toss him Ash yelled out. “Now Pikachu thunder attack behind Razorbax” and Pikachu with all his left over energy made a lighting bolt, go behind Razorbax Team Rocket laughed until it came back. The bolt blasted out of the crack zapping Razorbax beyond existing know electrocutions, Razorbax lied there fried but Pikachu smiled and said “Pikachu pi”. Ash ran up to Pikachu happy as ever now that Team Rocket has lost, Robby is free, and Ash had won his Bio badge. In all the excitement Team Rocket tried to sneak out but Brock stood at the doorway saying “Going somewhere?”, they turned around and saw Misty. Togepi in her arms laughed saying “Hi preeee” Misty was proud of Togepi as she said, “Yeah you said hi Togepi now say bye to the bad people”. Everywhere they went Ash, Brock, Misty, Pikachu, and Robby blocked their way but now it’s pay back time. 

The angry yet happy gym leader Robby smiled and said, “Gee how should I thank you clowns for bruising up my Pokemon?”. Nervously James said “You can not hurt us yeah” Jesse chimed in, “And let us get out of here?” Meowth added “Please?”. Pulling something out of his pocket Robby said “Don’t worry I will not hurt you or prevent you from leaving”, Team Rocket sighed until they saw what that something was. Robby had a sprayer of max potion in his hand he sprayed a huge dose at Razorbax, the dinosaur looking creature got up fully healed and strengthened. As soon as Razorbax walked in front of Team Rocket shaking like 3-year olds, Robby said “Razorbax will take you out and he will hurt you instead sick em”. Razorbax like a dog chased them out of the gym threw a wall that is, Jesse complained “Nice plan steal the new Pokemon then forget about Robby genius” James replied “Hey this was your idea I’m the one who suggested mailing Robby to Japan”. Tired of it more than ever Meowth asked “Razorbax can you shut these boobs up?” the beast zapped them with his laser breath, Meowth said “Thank you” as Razorbax chased them out of sight. Meanwhile Robby was talking to Ash on his job being well done, “Ash for your great achievements that you have done beating my Pokemon and Razorbax I am glad to give you the Bio badge”. He opened up his coat giving him the badge it shined as he placed inside Ash’s coat, Robby continued “I would also like to apologize for being so cocky and over confident when I fought you 3” Misty and Brock started to laugh. Our happy hero asked “Hey what’s so funny?” Misty answered, “He sounds just like you except he has the sense to admit that he does it” Brock continued. “Yeah you could take lessons from him Ash on Pokemon and in admitting when you’re wrong”, Ash grew angry and yelled “Well I got another badge, defeated Razorbax, and I’m never wrong”. Next to him Pikachu sighed and said “Pika, pika” as well, did Robby, Misty and Brock, then after they waved good bye our heroes headed out of Bio City. But before they left Pikachu grabbed Ash’s leg and pointed to Pokemon enterprises, “Pikachu pi pika” Ash looked back and remembered the letter he Misty and Brock quickly wrote it out.

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