Night had dawned as Seth was about to go home when he heard a noise down stairs, he left his office and headed to the lobby. Before he left he saw a letter on the front desk he opened it and began to read it, ďGreat itís from Ash, Misty, and Brock gee I wondered what they wrote?Ē he said as he read on. It read- 

Dear Seth
  Itís me Ash if you are reading this letter then we are probably now leaving Bio City, we would like to tell you what happened after we met you. We healed up our Pokemon then Misty Brock, and me headed over to battle Robby for the Bio badge. Unfortunately you were right after we battled with him, he beat all 3 of us in separate matches we had never met someone as arrogant as Robby since Team Rocket. Misty- Yeah he beat us all Ash was so mad he actually went back to fight him not to smart, Ash-Misty Iím writing this you know anyway we thought it out overnight. When we woke up I trained my Pokemon to the max, I battled my Pokemon against Brock and Mistyís. Pikachu- Pikachu chu pi pika Ash- Ha, ha Pikachu is just saying hi because he misses you, then we all returned to Robbyís gym for one more battle with me. Brock-yeah you would be surprised on we were when we found out that Team Rocket was there, Ash-Will you guys let me write okay sheesh well yeah like Brock said Team Rocket had broken more like fallen in. 

They took over Robbyís Pokemon but thanks to the hard training I beat them all, and the new Pokemon was there I battled it for the Bio badge. Its called Zeerax itís a new kind of Pokemon Robby says thereís more somewhere in this city, after a while it evolved into something called Razorbax it was hard but I beat him as well. Now before I go me and the others must tell you something, I need to warn you this will shock you immensely. We found Mew we all fell into the lab your father had built, and met S.A.M the robot eye he made us fight holographic Pokemon Misty, and Brock lost to theirs but I was able to beat mine. I got Mew as a reward so your dad was right she isnít dangerous, we didnít tell you because you would want to take Mew away from me. And I believe she is happy with us as her friends and a word of advice, go back to the lab find your fatherís work and prove to everyone that Mew is safe good bye from us all Ash, Misty, Brock, Pikachu, Togepi, and Mew. 

After reading that letter Seth felt more alive than ever, he came out and said to the world ďDad I will prove you right everyone will know soon enoughĒ. The our spirited teenager was off to find the lab, but Ash and the gang have their own destiny that they must follow. So as they head off into the world they will never forget, this town itís gym leader or Razorbax. Next stop Cinnabar Island and the next gym leader and badge, or so they all at least hope.

The End