The Hidden Gym of Bio City

As the sun arose from the west Ash, Misty, and Brock continue their Pokemon journey, feeling great and well rested Ash walks down the road still searching for new Pokemon to capture. “Now Brock the next gym is where again?” Ash asked, “It’s in Cinnabar Island all types of Pokemon live there” Brock answered. The 3 trainers walked on especially happy with Togepi today “I wonder what kind of attacks you have, oh that’s okay if your not that good you are still super cute’ she wondered. Moving along Ash stops realizing something “Hey where’s Pikachu?” he asked then found him sleeping behind him, Ash woke him up then continued. “Well no matter who the gym leader is their Pikachu is gonna win right buddy?” Ash said, Pikachu smiled and said “Chu pi pika pika”. Unfortunately Pikachu was unable to warn Ash in time. As both of them fell into a weakened section of the ground, once Ash and Pikachu woke up they realized they were inside some kind of secret lab. “Ouch” Ash yelled as Brock and Misty landed on Ash, “Hey get off me you guys” Ash screamed as Misty and Brock both got up quickly. “What is this place a mad scientist’s lab?” Misty asked as she wandered around. Once Brock got up he yelled “Misty look out”, but it was too late she screamed as a huge boxing glove hit her in the face. Misty then fell throbbing with pain & brain damage, “Misty are you okay?” Ash asked Misty screamed out “No I am not okay I was just punched in the face with a giant boxing glove, what do you think?”.

Then right before their eyes Brock was set on fire by a flame thrower, and Ash was shot by a water hose finally Pikachu did thunder shock.  “Pikachu no don’t” Ash yelled but he did the water on Ash electrocuted everyone with that attack, “Pikachu” said Pikachu in apology. As they all got up Ash asked “What was all that?” Brock answered “It looks like this place is covered with booby traps”. Still woozy from the shock Misty asked “Oh no where is Togepi?” she found the little egg creature, playing on a computer board. Then they all turned to look at a computer repairman’s nightmare, a slew of machines, tubes, scanners, and lasers appeared within the hide out. Ash, Brock, and Misty stared out and said “Wow”, until Pikachu saw that Togepi was going to push a big red button. Thinking it was another booby trap Pikachu ran towards him, he picked him up and told him to be more careful on what he pushes. “Chu Pikachu” Pikachu said as he unknowingly sat on the button himself, Togepi cried “Togi togi” to the others they then turned around. “What hey Pikachu what did you do?” Ash asked but Pikachu still had no clue, then they all looked at a huge main computer screen that spoke out “Back up power systems on line detecting intruders, now activating Poke ball-trainer identification process”. Meanwhile back up on the surface Team Rocket was devising a new plan to capture Pikachu, but it turns out that they were just eating lunch “Yeah so stop bothering us so we can eat” Jesse yelled at the narrator. “Oh sorry continue” the narrator apologized now considering the point though Meowth asked Jesse and James, “How are we supposed to catch Pikachu now? Even if they still think were’ in jail (The breeding center secret) everything we tried has gotten us no where”.

“Mumble, mumble blah ouch” James said as he tried to talk with food in his mouth, and Jesse smacked him over the head to get the food out. “What was that for” he asked Jessie she then answered, “Well when you try to talk with food in your mouth the only way to get it out is to smack it out”. James yelled back “If you had just let me swallowed it I would have answered Meowth”, “Enough already” Meowth said as he scraped his claws over both their faces. After both stopped crying out in pain James answered, “Behold the super duper Team Rocket food faker”. And there it was a huge mechanical mix up, basically it was a movie projector on top of a mega vacuum with a fishing net on the end. Meowth stared at it and said “So how will this bag Pikachu?” “Well it’s so easy this time even we can’t mess it up this movie projector shows the picture of whatever Pikachu’s fav. food is. Then once he’s close enough the vacuum will suck him up, and spit him out at the end where he will be stuck in this electric proof net” Jesse and James replied with glee. Meanwhile back inside the hidden lab a strange robot eye scanned over Ash, Misty, and Brock. Then the eye asked “Are you 3 humans all Pokemon trainers?” “Yes we all are” Ash answered, “Data confirmed now processing Trainer challenge”  it said as a file of Pokemon secrets was showed on the screen. Pikachu and Togepi stared in awe Misty then asked “Excuse me Mr. Robot eye but what is all this for? And what is the trainer challenge?”, the eye then answered it with the story.

“Answer complete this is an abandoned laboratory that was dedicated to creating new Pokemon, the result’s from our gene splicer and cloning machine’s invented 3 Pokemon 1- the diamond skinned  Pokemon Porygon, 2- and the ninja mantis Scyther. But the 3rd one was too powerful to release so my creator kept it here to work on the Pokemon while his fellow scientist’s quit because of the danger, my creator though died 5 years ago so I have kept his secret. And now in light of my dead creator I shall release the new Pokemon to you to have but, one her by passing a test”. Ash now excited to get that new Pokemon said “What is the test?” the eye then answered him. “You must fight 3 holographic Pokemon copy’s each with your own Pokemon, whoever wins gets the Pokemon but you must only use 1 of your Pokemon once you call it back that’s it now let the challenge begin”. “Hey Ash I’m getting that Pokemon and I don’t care if its not a water type and you can’t stop me” Misty teased. Ash replied “Guess again Misty you might have cheated me out of Togepi but I will win this no matter what, Brock was up first the computer said “Your hologram will be…. Nidorhino”. The computerized monster appeared “I wonder what a Nidorhino is” Ash said as he brought out his Pokedex Dexter, “Nidorhino a powerful poison Pokemon it’s strong skin can block bullet’s, and it’s horn contains deadly venom” Dexter said. Brock threw out his Pokeball and said “Vulpix go” as out came the little 5 tailed fox Vulpix, as he and Nidorhino would start the challenge for MEW! 

The battle had begun the computer would control Nidorhino “Nidorhino horn attack” he said as the monster blasted off large horns at Vulpix, seeing the problem Brock yelled “Vulpix dodge it and use ember”. Like he said Vulpix ran from the horns and shot a stream of fire from his mouth, Nidorhino took the fire badly then waited. “Nidorhino leer then double kick” the robot said as Nidorhino stared Vulpix until he was paralyzed, then he kicked Vulpix twice in the face. Brock now scared said “Vulpix quick attack now” he said and Vulpix ran like lighting, but to finish him off the robot called out poison sting and Nidorhino shot out the venomous spike that took out Vulpix. “The winner is Nidorhino now for Misty your opponent is….. Scyther”, the robot said as Brock called back Vulpix and Misty sent out “Staryu” she said. Ready to go Misty said “Okay Staryu hit him with water gun” the starfish creature then shot water out from his head, the water pushed Scyther back a few feet. “Scyther give it a quick attack” the robot said as Scyther leaped up and scarred Staryu, weak from that hit Staryu heeded for an attack. Misty said “Staryu recover then use swift” Staryu healed his wound and launched mini stars at Scyther; the blow knocked the mantis down taking on pain. Thinking she had the upper hand Misty said “Now finish him off with another water gun”, but once the water was shot the robot said “Scyther hurry and use double team” the wicked insect stood up and split in 2. One Scyther was real the other a hologram of this hologram, “Now slash” the twin bugs ran to Staryu and sliced him out of his recovery move.

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