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General Sites

Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden
This site has tons of features and information on pokemon. It includes news,
a ditto game, info on all the pokemon games, and much more.

Charizard's Pokemon Site
A new site with tons of info and everything on Pokémon!

Charmander's Pokemart
A great pokemon site with walkthroughs, codes, images, and everything
you could think of.

Charmanders' Field
I don't care what my site looks like or what other people say of
it. I'm proud of my work. My site will have some stuff. I'm not saying
everything. Just as much as I can handle. My site is well known
cause I had it for so long.

Diglett's Cave
Great site with tons of downloads, movies, emulators, cheats, videos,
pictures, card game info, team rocket, and more!

Dizzy's Pokemon Page
A cool site where there is pics, codes, info, and more about pokemon.

Gotta Watch 'Em All!
Includes English scripts to the upcoming movies, scripts,
summaries, pictures, etc. for some episodes; including untranslated
ones! The ultimate guide to the pokémon series.

Gus' Pokemon Mania! 
One of the best pokemon sites on the web!!!! It also has a feature to
make an infinite amount of traffic to your site!

Jim's Pokemon Center
Has lots of images, 3D images, and animations. Also has sounds, downloads, pokedex,
and some information about the show. Has a special section for Pikachu and Team Rocket.

Pokeflute Heartland
My site contains: Character Info, Awards, Original Artwork, Contest, Pokemon News,
Adoption Center, My adopted pokemon, Win Awards, My awards, Links, etc.

Pokemon Center
This site has everything about the Pokemon gameboy and the official card game.
I have been in several tournaments myself. Just have a look.

Pokemon Exodus
This site has everything you need. You can buy Pokemon merchandise or
learn about Pokemon.

Pokemon Files
We have mostly red and blue info, pictures, fake pictures, free
email, etc. and it is still under construction.

Pokemon Plop's Page of Pokemon
This is a site dedicated to Pokemon, including emulation, sounds,
and images. It is frequently updated.

Pokemon Tech
Great site on the web with information for everything you need
on pokemon.

Pokemon Tech
They have over 50 Features on their site! Pokemon Tech has
everything and anything on Pokemon!

Steve's Amazing Pokemon Site
A cool site with lots to do! Updated almost always daily!

The Ultimate Pokemon Site
This site is one of the coolest Pokemon sites you will ever see so come
on in today!

The World of Pokemon
Pokedex, cheats, daily tips, win awards, chat, fan art, info on the pokemon
games. Everything about pokemon and more to come!

Charizard249's Pokeball
Pokemon and more!

Charmeleon's Cave
Charmeleon + Butterfree = Great Pokemon Site

Chariblaze's Interactive Pokemon Adventure
Here you can visit a cool interactive site! You sign up and then
you go on an adventure through the lands of pokemon! It helps if
you have ICQ. I promise a lot of fun! You'll meat a lot of new
people. And find more sites! C'mon!

Cinnabar Island Pokemon Gym
A pokemon site with links, pictures, videos, links and episode guide.

Dratini's Water World
It has stuff like pics, game info , cheats , a really cool layout and
other cool stuff.

Eevee's Pokemon League
Come in and try to defeat the Elite Four to win badges. Join our Top
1000 and webring.  Lots to do here. We will even make you a site,
banner, pictures, gifs, or just a button.

Mark's Pokemon Place
If like lot's of preview and picture of future and current Pokemon games go to my site, I have an extremely big preview and review section with lots of pictures! I also have codes for pokemon RED/BLUE versions! I'm working on a Pokemon Snap Picture Contest and will be done soon!

Mewshrew62's Site
A site with information on the card game, and other pokemon games.

Mew's Pokemon Center
A small site that always grows.

Mushroom Land PokeWorld
This page is different than most Pokemon pages. It has different stuff
instead of the usual things you see on Pokemon pages. You can
adopt a Pokemon like always, take care of it using e-mail, breed
Pokemon, work in a hospital, join the PokeSchool and more! So
come and visit!

Our Domain for Pokemon & Japanese Anime
Great site with Pokemon pics, adopt a Pokemon, Pokemon drawing contest,
and also including some Japanese anime.

Pikachu Power Plant
A Pokepage with cheats and other cool items.

Pikachu's Paradise
Site for pokemon stuff worldwide and more.

A site dedicated to cute pokemon! It includes sounds, pics, links, and
a place where you can submit fanstuff! Come on in, it's
super-kawaii (cute)!

A pokemon site with pictures, downloads, music, movies, pokedex,
cheats, chat, message board and anything else you can think of.

I have worked pretty hard on this site so I hope you enjoy these
images and lyrics and links!

Pokemon City
Pokémon City has codes, links, chat rooms, downloads, pictures, and more!

Pokemon Island 2000
A pokemon site. Check us out! We hope to get better and better as
time goes on!

Pokemon Search Engine
Contains info on missing episodes, release dates, and season two previews.

Features Games, Codes, Chat, Downloads, Pics and More.

A site for all Pokémon Fans to visit and enjoy. It features an episode
guide, adoptions, awards, and more! 

Seafoam Islands
I've got all the original info, great codes, reviews for all pokémon movies
and games and much much more!

Seth's Poke'home
Seth's Poke' home has all the stuff you need about POKe'MON!

Super Myu's Dungeon
A dungeon with downloads, codes & cheats, contests, game reviews,
chat rooms, lots of style and more. Updated every few days.

Video Gamer T's Pokemon Page
A Pokemon site that has lots to quench your thirst for Pokemon!
I built this site because I figured just liking Pokemon wasn't enough.
I had to show the world that Pokemon is the greatest thing ever

Bulbasaur35's Sacred Realm of Pokemon
We have lots of links, and you can add your own for free! We have
information, polls, Pokemon of the week, Who would Win, Shrines, Cheats
& Codes. You can also trade Pokemon Cards on my site!

CharDuck and Dancing Snorlax's Pokepage
This is our site. Included in it are pictures, links, a BBS link, and even a
fictional pokemon contest! Enjoy!

Jigglypuff's Trainer
Contest, links, JigglyPuff's corner and much more! 

Pokemon Central
Pokemon site with lots of codes.

Pokemon PSMl
Great page filled with Downloads, Pictures, Sounds, Pokedex,
Awards, and a banner exchange!

The Ultimate Pokemon Site
This site has codes, helps you solve your pokemon needs, and more.