Pokemon Snap Walkthrough
written by DogmaSuiae

Level 1 - The beach

You start the game off out on the beach. The first pokemon you encounter is Pidgey, it is a little to your left. You can also get a few in one shot, that's major points! The next pokemon pops out of the bushes, its a Doduo. Its fast, so use your dash engine if you have it. You'll see a little surf board in the sand, toss a bunch of food at it and Pikachu will hop on it. Huge points! The beach is covered with Butterfree in the air, and as always, ret to get more than 1 in a picture if you can. You'll next run across a Snorlax. Since you don't have any of the tools (Pester balls, the Pokeflute, or Dash engine) You can't wake him up (use pester ball) or watch him dance (Use a pokeflute and it has 3 songs. The first song is worth the most points). There is a Meowth near the Snorlax, you can use the items when you have them later (pester ball for a close up shot, pokeflute to watch him dance). When you get Pester balls throw them into the bushes when you come to them to see a Scyther. In the same bush the 1st Scyther comes out of, throw even more pester balls and two Pikachus will run to the tree stumps, play the pokeflute (when you get it) to watch them flash. HUGE POINTS for that! Next is an Eevee out in the open. Easy shot but you have to be fast. Next hit the pink ball that the Eevee is chasing with pokemon food and out pops a Chansey. There are Lapras' all out in the ocean throughout this level, keep taking pics of them and they will be close to shore just before the Kangaskhan. You'll see Kangaskhan with his back to you, throw food or a pester ball and he'll turn around, take a pic then.

Level 2 - The Tunnel

Another Pikachu makes an appearance with an Electrode. Keep taking pics and Pikachu will hop onto the Electrode. When you get the pokemon food throw it at an electrode at the end of the level to blast out the wall so you can continue onto the next level. Speaking of exploding Electrodes, take pics of them as they explode for big points. To take a pic of a Kakuna, they will fall from the ceiling after an electrode explodes. After each of the two opening doors Zubats will fly out, BE FAST to take their picture. To see a Zapdos, you must have the pokeflute (you get it later though) throw pokemon food at the yellow egg and a pikachu will go over to it. play the flute and he will zap the egg and out pops a Zapados. Right before the 2nd door is a small puddle to the right, there is a great Magikarp pic there. Throw anything you have at the Electabuzz they'll run at you. Take pictures of the flying purple spheres, they're Haunters. Digletts are poping out of the ground for easy shots, keep taking pics cause a pikachu will come over and start digging, the a Dugtrio will pop up. The Magnemites run from you, but if you toss food at them they will stay for a picture. To see a Magneton, throw food so 3 Magnemites come close together, they will evolve to that.

Level 3 - Volcano

(Quick tip: You need 22 pokemon in your Pokemon Report to be able to go to level 4,
  you might wanna use the C buttons to turn around)

Throw pokemon food at the ground in front of the Rapidash, they will stop dead and then panic. Throw food at the Vulpix, and keep throwing food, it will go and get friends. You will see a Magmar and Charmander, throw food at the Magmar and it will blow fire at the Charmander, which will evolve into a Charmeleon. Before knocking the giant egg into the lava, stop your vehicle and turn left, then throw food, Charmanders will scurry up, they will roar if you stop feeding them, and if you play the flute they will all dance for you. Knock the egg into the lava to see a Moltres, if you wait for it to stretch out its wings you can score big points! There are lots of Magmars around, throw things and they might start torching each other. FUNNY! Near the end of the course throw pester balls into the lava pits, Growlithes or Arcanines will pop out. You'll see a Charmeleon near a lava pool, throw something to knock it in, it evolves into a Charizard.

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