Pokemon Gold and Silver

Pokemon Gold/Silver is a sequel to Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow. Unlike the earlier games, it will be in color. In it, there will be new places to explore and new pokemon to capture. About 100 new pokemon will be in the game. Some new Pokémon will be seemingly evolved forms of Slowbro, Raichu, and Electrabuzz. There will also be completely new looking Pokémon such as Lugia (or is it Rugia?), Hou Hou, Togepi, Kirehana, Buru, Donfan. Along with the new Pokémon, there will be new moves. Get ready to buy a new guide for the game. The games will be in real time. Some pokemon will appear only during the day, while others will be found only at night.

Here are a few screen shots from the game: