Trainer Tips

Good to know when if you are starting a game. E-mail your poketips to

1. Keep a good assortment of pokemon types. For example water, psychic, flying, electric, fire, and plant.

2. Keep your pokemon on even levels.

3. Always consider element types while fighting your opponent

4. Keep a good stock of items, for example pokeballs.

5. Change your pokemon box on the pc after you have caught a good deal of pokemon.

6. Sell off stuff you know you won't use, so you will have more room for items on the pc.

7. Look everywhere for new pokemon and items.

8. Talk to everyone for hints on how to proceed in the game.

9. Fight with everyone to build up your pokemon's level.

10. Find a friend to trade with before you start your game, so you can have all three starting pokemon.

11. When choosing your pokemon team keep in mind what Hidden Machines they can learn.

12. Fish around for pokemon when you get a Super Rod.