Gym Leaders and Their Pokemon

Specialty: Rock

Pokemon: Geodude at level 12
Onix at level 14

Best Pokemon to Use: Water

Reward: Boulder Badge, and the TM 34 - Bide.
Make your pokemon stronger

Specialty: Water

Pokemon: Staryu at Level 18
Starmie - Level 21

Best Pokemon to Use: Plant or Electric

Reward: Cascade Badge, and the TM 11 - Bubblebeam
Pokemon up to level 30 obey you

Lt. Surge
Specialty: Electric

Pokemon: Voltorb at level 21
Pikachu at level 18
Raichu at level 24

Best Pokemon to Use: Ground

Reward: Thunder Badge, and the TM 24 - Thunderbolt
Speed of Pokemon Increase

Specialty: Grass

Pokemon: Victreebel at level 29
Tangela at level 24
Vileplume at level 29

Best Pokemon to Use: Fire, Poison, or Bug

Reward: Rainbow Badge, and TM 21, - Mega Drain
Pokemon up to level 50 obey you

Specialty: Psychic

Pokemon: Kadrabra at level 38
Mr. Mine at level 37
Venomoth at level 38
Alakazam at level 43

Best Pokemon to Use: None! A ghost has an advantage,
but is also part poison, which are weak against psychic

Reward: Marsh Badge, and TM 46 - Psywave
Pokemon up to level 70 obey you

Specialty: Poison

Pokemon: Koffing at level 37
Muk at level 39
Koffing at level 37
Weezing at level 43

Best Pokemon to Use: Ground or Psychic

Reward: Soul Badge, and TM 6 - Toxic
Defense of Pokemon Increases

Specialty: Fire

Pokemon: Growlithe at level 42
Ponyta at level 40
Rapidash at level 42
Arcanine at level 47

Best Pokemon to Use: Water

Reward: Volcano Badge, and TM 38 - Fire Blast
Special of Pokemon Increases

Pokemon: Rhyhorn at level 45
Dugtrio at level 42
Nidoqueen at level 43
Rhydon at level 50

Reward: Earth Badge, and TM 27 - Fissure
All pokemon obey you