Ash then showed them “Well first off the hole in your roof you guys made” Meowth then punched James in the head and said, “I told you the storm was a dumb thing you should have said a sumo fell threw it”. Ash continued “2nd Your coat was bulging because of you guys in there together, 3rd Robby has blue eyes not green and 4th James’s hair wasn’t painted all the way”. This time Jesse punched James in the head “I told you to let me do it I have style when I spray”, Jesse said to James who replied “Well sorry at least you didn’t have that rat clinging on to your leg”. Meowth got mad by that yelled “Forget it it’s over so you might have figured us out but Robby’s Pokemon is ours”, James then smiled then brought out a freezing gun to hit Mew and Pikachu with. James said laughing “And so is your Pokemon squirt hand over Pikachu and Mew or else”, Ash and the guys walked in front of Pikachu and Mew risking getting frozen for them. Ash said bravely “You want them you will have to freeze us all to do it”, right before James fired Jesse whispered something into his ear. After he heard it Team Rocket smiled a wicked smile as they opened up a secret door, in it they pulled out Robby tied up saying “Watch out Ash there’ gonna use my new Pokemon against you all ”. Once they heard that the gang shivered as they heard a thumping sound, as something stomped over to the gang. Meowth yelled out “By the way if Robby hadn’t already told you that noise is his new Pokemon coming out to crush you all in battle”, the door opened wide and there was the mightiest monster of them all. ZEERAX was its name as it stood there breathing easy the body color of it was bright orange, Zeerax’s claws dug into the ground a long neck like a baby giraffe is what it had. The size of it was the size of an adult ostrich his back hunched over him like Quasimodo, behind his head were 2 straight goat like horns. The face looked similar to a Komodo dragon except it had a lizard’s mouth it was orange and scaly, exactly like the one of a crocodile though it was hunched it walked on all 4 legs of his. As he walked towards the gang they saw his tail scaly yet spiky, and on his back was a mini row of spikes his stomach like a snake’s.

  The first thing Misty asked was “What is that thing?” Robby sighed and explained, “That is Zeerax a brand new species here in Bio City of Pokemon, its type is normal even though it only lives here in this city it is still very rare. Only I found this one its power is immense as it fights I do not know if it evolves I am trying to make it do that, but I only take him out against expert trainers like Garry”. Ash moaned at the though that he is not an expert trainer until Robby said, “Hey Ash you take out Zeerax and I will give you the Bio badge for all you help against Team Rocket”. Ash agreed “You can count on me Robby meanwhile though Misty you and Brock untie Robby, I will take care of Team Rocket and Zeerax”. Team Rocket was laughing as Ash came over to fight this new Pokemon, Meowth said “Ha he doesn’t even know what Zeerax is let alone how to beat it” Jesse and James smiled when Meowth put it that way. But Ash was not gonna let them beat him “Well listen up boneheads even if Robby was rude to us before, I will not let you take Pikachu, Mew, Zeerax, or any other of his Pokemon so now let’s battle” Ash announced. Jesse and James were immensely hurt by the bone head thing Jesse said “How dare you call us boneheads, Yeah were twice as smart as you are” James added. Meowth grunted and then pulled out a sheet of paper “Oh yeah well Robby was kind enough to write down all of Zeerax’s attacks”, Team Rocket made Zeerax walk forward as Ash said. “Right then Pikachu I choose you come on buddy you can beat him”, his faithful Pokemon agreed and said “Pika” now battle was about to begin. All of Team Rocket wanted to control Zeerax first but, Meowth bopped them on the head to shut them up. The evil-minded cat read from the paper “Okay Zeerax use neck ring”, the orange new monster used his neck like a bat and knocked down Pikachu. Ash yelled “Hey there is no such move in the Pokedex” Robby told him from the back, “Ash Zeerax now’s different moves than other Pokemon” Ash began to worry. 

Continuing the fight Ash said “Pikachu give it a thunder wave” his chosen Pokemon, said “Pikachuuu” as he zapped Zeerax boiling his skin. The stolen beast was angry now Jesse and James had woken up and were surprised that they were still in the battle, “Come on Zeerax show that Pikachu whose boss” James said as Meowth attacked again. “Zeerax use barrage” Zeerax opened his mouth and launched out mini spike orbs at Pikachu, Ash yelled “Pikachu agility” and Pikachu jumped like the wind dodging the orbs. And then swiped at Zeerax’s face with his hands, James was yelling at Meowth “No were gonna lose give me that paper now watch this Zeerax roar”. The mysterious lizard like creature roared so loud Pikachu was blown off to the wall, “Pikachu” said Pikachu sadly as he hit the wall James continued with another new move. “Ooh this is fun Zeerax roll attack” James said as Zeerax rolled into a ball and rammed himself into Pikachu, Ash was yelling “No Pikachu hang on wait for when I say when” but Pikachu kept taking the pain badly. The young criminal laughed and said “One more time” and as Zeerax did right before he hit Pikachu Ash yelled, “Now thunder shock” “Pika pikachuu” he said as the electricity blasted Zeerax. As this new normal type flew back Ash said “Now thunder bolt” Pikachu was on a roll as he, came out of the wall then said “Chu pika, pika pikachu” as he used the floor as a electric conductor. Team Rocket stared in despair as Zeerax was getting beat by Pikachu, finally Jesse took the paper and kicked away both Meowth and James. “Men there just as dumb as they look Pokemon or human there all the same Zeerax use shield” Jesse blurted out, good time too because he got it up just in time before Pikachu tried to zap him again. The shield around Zeerax was egg shaped and blue but that wasn’t the problem, as Pikachu’s zaps hit the shield this new move of Zeerax absorbed the electricity and turned it into positive energy for himself. And to top this all off the power in the zap had done more than strengthen him, it would appear that Zeerax was now evolving into his next hidden form. Like all evolved Pokemon Zeerax’s body, powers, speed, and strength had all increased but they never knew it could turn into this.

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