But now that Mew is Nidoqueen Ash doesn’t know any of her attacks, so he got out Dexter who analyzed Nidoqueen and said. “Nidoqueen a powerful poison Pokemon it’s body has powerful muscles as well horns filled with venom, attack’s- scratch, body slam, poison sting, tail whip”. While Ash was analyzing Robby commanded “Nidoqueen double scratch attack”, Nidoqueen scratched her claws over Mew’s new body then tackled it but Mew evaded the last tackle. Then Ash said “Mew tail whip” the clone queen tripped the real one with her mighty tail, then Ash said “Now body slam” and she did. The bulky fake body of Mew slammed down onto Nidoqueen’s, Robby was ticked off now he yelled “Nidoqueen poison sting” Nidoqueen launched the venomous spike at Mew’s chest. As Ash could see Mew was weakened by that blow and reverted back to her normal form, Ash yelled “Mew don’t faint on me now were’ so close” then Pikachu had an idea. Mew was wobbling saying to Pikachu “Mew mew, mew” Pikachu edged towards her and said “Pika pi pikachu”, the mouse Pokemon zapped Mew giving her a recharge like does to Ash. Pikachu’s trainer was surprised “Good thinking Pikachu no with this booster Mew is sure to win”, Brock and Misty are happy as ever now “Man that was a smart move yeah now go get her Mew” Misty cheered on. “That is cheating only 1 Pokemon for battle” Robby screamed, Ash said back “Pikachu is only helping Mew like when trainers give them potions to heal them during the match”. Robby yelled some more and said “Bah Nidoqueen poison sting again” and, once more the spiky female shot out more spikes Ash said “No Mew use metronome”. Then Mew glowed as the move metronome was copying a random ability, it was light barrier as a wall of energy appeared and blocked all the spikes. Ash was impressed with this move as he said “Yeah use metronome again” and she did she glowed again and this time the move was, thunder as a huge blot of lighting came out and struck a surprised Nidoqueen. Robby’s trump card Pokemon sizzled a he yelled “Nidoqueen no I know your weak but give them the secret weapon”, the gang looked around each other Ash asked “What weapon? Nidoqueen used all of her moves”. But Brock came in and mentioned “I know but some times trainers can teach Pokemon moves that they are compatible with if they train them hard enough”, Ash was worried when Brock said that because Nidoqueen was getting up. All over her body were burnt marks and bruises Nidoqueen was ready for the weapon, so was Mew she said “Mew, mew” which meant bring it on as Robby said. “Nidoqueen fire ice beam” and Nidoqueen fired a laser of ice and cold straight at Mew, the gang could feel the beam’s cold as Ash desperately said “Mew use psychic”.

Mew’s master had called out her strongest attack as she blasted out her own beam, but this beam was wall sized as the energy blast collided with the ice beam. Each beam pushing on each other as well the Pokemon pushing with their powers, Robby yelled “Freeze her Nidoqueen” and Ash said along with the others “You can do it Mew do what you can now let’s win this one”. Ending it right now Mew pushed herself over the edge as she blasted her beam right threw Nidoqueen’s, first Mew’s psychic wave hit Nidoqueen zapping her destroying what’s left of her power. And finally before she could fall her own beam reflected back from Mew’s then zapped Nidoqueen, and left her a Pokemon ice cube. “Yes we won I have finally beaten the great Robby the wrecker yahoo” Ash cheered with Pikachu and Mew dancing in a dose doe sort of way, but they were all in for a surprise when Robby said “NO!”. The gang then stared at him oddly saying “Hey I beat you fair and square I deserve the badge” said Ash, Pikachu chimed in “Pikachu pi” as well did Misty. “Just who do you think you are? That’s the rules” but Robby smiled and changed his voice, and said “Well we don’t play by the rules” as he dove into his coat. The gang asked “We?” then smoke aired out of the coat when they heard the song again, “Prepare for trouble and make it double. To protect the world from devastation, to unite all people’s with in our nation, To denounce the evils of truth and love, to extend our reach to the stars above Jesse, James. Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light, surrender now or prepare to fight”, them Meowth popped out of the bottom and said “Meowth that’s right”. All were in shock even Mew as they found out that all the clues made sense, Ash said “Team Rocket I knew something was weird about Robby but how?” James finished that by saying “Did we get here? Why that’s easy. After that freaky cat you had blew us up in the air we landed in this gym, of course by the time we landed Robby had already battled you 3 brats. So to get his Pokemon we tied him up and was about to leave but, like moth’s to the flame you pest’s return to give us pain. We had decided that James here would color his hair brown and impersonate Robby so we could get rid of you, but once you beat me I couldn’t have just thrown you out we had to give you the badge”. Brock cut in “So you all faked and the whole time not very good though”, Jesse yelled back “What do you mean? Our plan was brilliant no flaws in it at all”.

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