Episodes 11-18 

Episode 11: Charmander the Stray Pokemon

Once again, Ash, Misty and Brock are lost. The only Pokémon that are available in the area are Spearow. Ash points out that Route 24 would lead them straight to Vermilion City. The gang is about to leave on their way when they come across a HUGE Pokémon. It's actually a large rock with a Charmander on it (a lizard-looking Pokémon with a flame on its tail). The Charmander seems weak because the flame on its tail is almost out. Legend says that when the Charmander's flame goes out, it'll die. Brock suggests that it seems injured. Ash tries to catch it with his Pokéball but Charmander flicks the Pokéball away. With Pikachu's help, the gang finds out that Charmander is actually waiting for his trainer to come back. Since they can't get Charmander to go with them, Brock suggests to leave Charmander there and let him wait for his trainer.
Ash, Misty, and Brock leave and head toward the Pokémon Centre. The weather is horrible with lots of rain and lightning. In the Centre, the gang warms up with a bowl of soup. Brock is getting more worried about Charmander. Then, the gang hears some people talking. Ash and Brock hear a boy, Damien, bragging about his collection of Pokémon. They hear him talk about abandoning his Charmander on the rock. After hearing this, Ash, Misty, and Brock get very angry. Knowing that Charmander's flame might go out, Brock threatens Damien, and demands that he get his Charmander back, but Damien doesn't really care what might happen to his Charmander. After a heated fight between Ash and Damien, they decide to battle but Nurse Joy breaks it up. After a while, Ash, Misty, and Brock decide to go out in the rain and rescue Charmander from the storm. When they reach the rock where Charmander was, they see a flock of Spearows attacking it. Pikachu rescues Charmander from the Spearows by sending a electric bolt at them (as well as Ash's gang). Quickly, they cover Charmander and take it back to the Centre, as his flame is almost out. At the Centre, Nurse Joy takes Charmander and puts him in the Emergency Room.
The next morning, they find out that Charmander is missing. In panic, Ash, Misty, and Brock head back to the huge rock, to find Charmander waiting for Damien again. Nurse Joy had said that Charmander would stay on the rock until he's convinced that Damien won't come back. The group finally accepts that Charmander won't go with them, so they go on Route 24 to Vermilion City. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is making another huge trap. Using their super-duper high-speed whatchamacallit, they drill a huge hole and cover it up. The trap is done and Team Rocket hides behind the trees. Pikachu steps right over the disguised pit but doesn't fall in. When Ash, Brock and Misty step on it, they fall into the pit, leaving Pikachu at the surface. Team Rocket, thanks to their rubber super-duper anti-Pikachu suits, capture Pikachu with a balloon-shooting super-duper anti-Pikachu bazooka. They manage to capture Pikachu in a red balloon. Ash hears Pikachu calling him but he can't get up from the pit. Suddenly, Charmander comes along and warns Team Rocket to let go of Pikachu. (This is translated by Meowth.) When they ignore him, he gets angry, and lets out a huge ball of fire at them. Quickly, Team Rocket drops Pikachu and runs away. Damien who saw this, shows up and says that he wants Charmander back. Ash, Misty, and Brock urge Charmander not to go. Damien admits that he wasn't going to return for Charmander, until he saw how strong he had become in the wild. He also admits he is glad that he left him, because it toughened him up. After hearing this, Charmander refuses to go with him. When Damien throws the Pokeball at him, he flicks it back into his face. This angers Damien and he is about to take out his Pokemon to battle Charmander. But before he can, he gets torched and electrocuted by Charmander and Pikachu. Brock suggests that Ash should take Charmander because he was the one who covered his tail, and kept it from getting wet. Ash calls him into the Pokéball. Now, Charmander is happy with his new friends.

Episode 12: Here Comes the Squirtle Squad

Ash is really excited about his new Pokémon, Charmander. As the gang is walking towards Vermilion City, they stumble into yet another pit. Looking up, they see a group of Squirtles (blue turtles with red shells), who made the pit as a joke. Angry at the Squirtles, Ash tells Pikachu to electrocute them and Pikachu manages to send a electrical bolt on one of them. Pikachu and the leader of the Squirtle squad have a short conversation (the leader is the one with the huge, pointy sunglasses). Suddenly, Officer Jenny (this is a different Jenny from the other episodes...she's one of the identical cousins named Jenny) comes by with her police siren, which scares away the Squirtles. The officer tells Ash, Misty, and Brock about the Squirtle Squad. The Squirtles are part of a Pokémon gang and they play practical jokes on the townspeople. The Squirtle Squad was formed by Squirtles after their trainers abandoned them. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is hungry and decides to have a picnic, but lurking nearby are the hungry Squirtles. The Squirtles demand their food and Team Rocket falls into a hole as they were trying to call for their Pokémon. Happily, the Squirtles eat Team Rocket's food as they are tied up in a tree. Jesse tries to compromise with the Squirtles but the Squirtles don't trust humans. Meowth manages to convince the Squirtles to let him go by telling them that Jesse and James are his pets.
Later on, Misty is fishing and thinks that she has caught something. It is actually a Squirtle. Pikachu uses his electric surge to shock the Squirtle but shocks Ash, Misty and Brock instead. Suddenly, the Squirtle flings Pikachu into the river. As he is trying to get back to shore, a Goldeen (a horned fish) uses its needle attack and weakens him. Without warning, some Squirtles throw ropes at Pikachu and rope him up. Then, they rope up Ash, Misty and Brock also. Inside the cave, the group finds out that Meowth is behind it all. Pikachu is found inside a cage, all injured and weak. Ash knows that Pikachu needs some Super Potion and manages to make a compromise with the Squirtles to let him get some for Pikachu. Meowth threatens to dye Misty's hair purple if he's not back by noon tomorrow. Upon hearing this she shrieks.
Quickly, Ash runs to the nearest town to get some medicine. He almost makes it to the door of the shop when Gary opens it, accidentally smacking Ash in the face, and knocking him out. Ash finally regains consciousness, to find that Team Rocket has robbed the store. He is nearly shot by the shop keepers when he runs in to get the super potion but manages to get the medicine. Officer Jenny escorts Ash to the cave. He goes in by himself with Charmander lighting the way. Ash gives Misty the potion and she sprays it on Pikachu. They're interrupted by Team Rocket throwing down bombs. The gang runs for cover but there is one Squirtle who is upside down on its shell and can't get up. Ash risks his life and covers the Squirtle to protect it. As more bombs drop, Squirtle grabs Ash and runs into the cave. A huge fire has started and all the Squirtles team up to hose the fire down. Afterwards, the Squirtles get an award for being so brave, and are appointed the town's firefighters. As Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu are on their way, they find Squirtle, the leader of the squad, following them. He wants to join Ash's team and takes off his sunglasses to reveal that he is a cute Pokémon. Squirtle runs to Ash to receive a warm welcome from Ash and Pikachu. 

Episode 13: Mystery at the Lighthouse

No big surprise....our heroes are lost. Brock and Misty show their lack of faith in Ash's Pokémon-catching abilities, angering him. He becomes determined to prove he can catch Pokemon. He suddenly runs off to a beach, where he finds a Krabby (a crab Pokémon). Using only a stick and a Pokéball, Ash manages to catch Krabby. Being proud of his catch, Ash holds the Pokéball in his hand when it disappears. Ash becomes worried and confused. Brock explains that in the Pokémon League, you're only allowed to carry six Pokémon at a time and the rest are all teleported to where you got your Pokédex. This means that Krabby is with Professor Oak. Brock also tells Ash that he can change his Pokémon by pressing the white button on his Pokédex. Ash doesn't want to exchange any of his Pokémon but gets worried and wants to know if his Krabby is okay. Ash wants to call Professor Oak but a phone is nowhere to be found. Then, Pikachu points out a lighthouse in the distance.
The group walks up the path and reaches the lighthouse. They ring the doorbell and ask to come inside. A voice agrees to let them in and the door opens automatically. Ash asks for a phone and the voice tells him where it is. Then, Ash calls Professor Oak, who is just cooking dinner. Ash gets upset and wonders if Professor Oak was eating his Krabby, but Oak assures him that he is only cooking Tofu. Ash explains that he is calling from a lighthouse on a cliff. Professor Oak realizes that he and his friends must be at Bill's lighthouse. When Ash brags about his Krabby, Professor Oak explains that Gary has already caught 45 Pokémon! He shows him the Krabby that Gary caught, which is twice as big as Ash's! Professor Oak asks, Bill, the Pokémon researcher (the voice) if he can give the group a crash course about Pokémon. He tells Ash that he has to go and ends the call. The group steps forward towards Bill. The light reveals a Kabuto (an extinct, prehistoric Pokémon) instead! Brock points out that Kabutos are instinct. The group finds out that Bill is just stuck in a costume. They help Bill out of the costume. Bill explains the research he's doing on rare Pokémon. He tells Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu about all the different kinds of Pokémon that once existed.
Meanwhile, Team Rocket is climbing up the cliff to get to the lighthouse without being seen. Back inside the lighthouse, Bill says that he is looking for one specific Pokémon which he describes as a huge Pokémon that has not been discovered before. He says that the Pokémon wants to find friends and that he has been communicating with it. Bill doesn't want to capture it. He just wants to study it. Bill and the group go outside to the top of lighthouse, where they hear a strange, beautiful music coming from the ocean. They are amazed to see a silhouette of the Pokémon in the distance. Team Rocket also hears the music from the cliff side. A huge Pokémon shows up near the lighthouse and Team Rocket tries to capture it with bazooka-looking weapons. The huge dragon-like Pokémon attacks Team Rocket and leaves back to the ocean afterwards. Bill calls for it to come back but the huge Pokémon disappears into the fog. The next day, Bill forgets about the huge Pokémon and wishes Ash and the group good luck on their journey. Ash, Misty, and Brock continue on their jpurney to become the greatest Pokémon trainers in the world.

Episode 14: Electric Shock Showdown

Like a dream, Ash, Misty, and Brock finally reach Vermilion City! Pikachu is feeling hungry so Ash takes him to the Vermilion City Pokémon Centre to feed him. At the Pokécentre, Ash and Pikachu see a kid bringing in a Rattata who seems to be very weak. Nurse Joy (a different Nurse Joy) says that the gym leader of the Vermilion City Gym has done this, just like all the other injured Pokémon in the Pokécentre. Ash finds out the name of the gym leader, Lt. Surge. Misty knows that Ash is not an experienced enough trainer to battle against him. Finally, Pikachu is healed, and Ash and Misty find him happily eating some snacks. Ash warns Pikachu to get ready and battle Lt. Surge, but when another injured Pokémon passes by, Pikachu cries out and doesn't want to go anymore. Ash is confident that Pikachu will win and they enter the Gym.
At the gym, Ash sees Lt. Surge, a huge man who has a Raichu (a evolved form of Pikachu). After seeing Raichu, Pikachu is very determined to beat him. Pikachu loses pretty badly. Later on, Pikachu is taken to the Pokémon Centre, where he is laid in a bed to heal. Pikachu wakes up and refuses to talk to anyone. Brock and Misty says that it's almost impossible for Pikachu to win against Raichu. Overhearing their conversation, Nurse Joy shows Ash and Pikachu a Thunder stone, which will make Pikachu evolve into a Raichu. Ash isn't sure whether to make Pikachu evolve so he asks Pikachu if he wants to. After a long pause, Pikachu whacks the stone away and tells Ash that he wants to fight Raichu just the way he is.
Outside, Team Rocket is spying on them through a window. Meowth translates what Pikachu is saying. Brock gives Ash a strategy against Raichu. As Ash and Pikachu head towards the gym, they are stopped by Team Rocket who disguises itself. Team Rocket cheers for Pikachu. Misty says good bye, knowing that they are Team Rocket. At the gym, Ash and Pikachu are ready. After a few slams, Pikachu uses his agility and speed to fight against Raichu. Pikachus and Raichus learn their agility and speed when they are in their Pikachu stage, but Brock found out that Lt. Surge's Raichu had evolved too quickly to learn agility. Near the end of the battle, Raichu sends out a gigantic electric bolt that destroys the windows. Lt. Surge and Raichu think the battle is over until they find Pikachu standing on top of his tail. Raichu can't use anymore of his attacks and Pikachu finishes him off. At the end, Ash is awarded the Thunder badge. Raichu congratulates Pikachu. Ash gives Pikachu a warm hug. Afterwards, Team Rocket realizes that they've devoted the entire episode cheering on the good guys.

Episode 15: Battle Aboard the St. Anne

Now, Ash continues on his journey with 3 badges pinned to his jacket. The gang sees a huge ship looming on the dock. They begin to have dreams about going on a cruise ship. Disguised as cheesy teenage girls, Jesse and James of Team Rocket fool every Pokémon trainer, including Ash and his friends, into accepting free tickets for a cruise aboard the St. Anne. After that, Jesse and James go to their lighthouse hideout, where they communicate via video phone with their boss. Jesse and James' boss describes his evil plan to get as many Pokémon trainers as possible on to the St. Anne and steal their Pokémon once they're all on board! Meowth is shocked and hurt to see that the boss has replaced him with a Persian. He cheers up when he realizes that this mission is his chance to regain the affection of the boss.
On the St. Anne, it seems like a floating Pokémon convention. Trainers from all over the place are either buying, selling, trading or battling Pokémon. The group stuffs their faces. Later, Ash comes across a Pokémon trainer who's dressed like a magician. To show off his skills, Ash challenges the man into a battle. Ash calls upon his Butterfree against the man's Raticate (the evolved form of a rattata). Ash is close to winning when the man decides to call it a draw. A while after, the man approaches Ash, hoping to trade his Raticate for Ash's Butterfree. He asks a girl-crazy Brock if he should. Brock says they should all trade, his judgment blinded by a beautiful woman. Ash reluctantly agrees to trade. Meanwhile, James uses an advance on his and Jesse's paycheck (without her permission) to buy a Magikarp (a fish) which the previous owner described as "a gold mine." Falling for it, James buys the Magikarp.
Finally, it is time for Team Rocket's plan to go into action. The boat suddenly stops and the exits are all sealed as an army of Team Rocket terrorists armed with vacuum-powered back-packs burst out of their hiding places and demand all the Pokémon. The vacuums suck up many Pokéballs. Ash rallies the trainers to fight back. Pokémon of the same species get into pyramids and perform coordinated attacks on Team Rocket. In the midst of battle, Ash's new Raticate makes him realize how much he misses Butterfree, which is the first Pokémon he captured and raised. After the battle he sets out to find the man that was dressed like a magician. Suddenly, the St. Anne began to sink in the midst of a wild storm. Jesse and Meowth find James as he tries to search for the guy who sold him the Magikarp. Brock and Misty find Ash trading the Raticate for his Butterfree back. The ship suddenly lurches and both James and Ash drop their Pokéballs and chase after them. The boat overturns, knocking out Team Rocket, Ash and company. All the other passengers manage to get out safely on board the lifeboats, but our heroes and Team Rocket are still unconscious in the boat as it sinks into the ocean.

Episode 16: Pokemon Shipwreck

Our heroes, including Team Rocket are still stuck under the sea, while Officer Jenny performs a memorial service on the surface for the main characters (including Team Rocket), thinking they have all drowned. The upside-down cruise ship is balancing on a precipice in a canyon as Jesse and James awaken to find themselves underneath a blazing stove. Brock and Misty urges Ash to wake up. Ash does, as Misty tells him to look outside window. There are fish out there. Anyway, back to Jesse and James. They are dreaming that they are on a tropical beach, "under the burning sun". They find themselves on lying on the ceiling, being burned by fire from the the stove above. They realize they are in the sunken ship. Then, suddenly, Jesse has an idea. She has Ekans blast open a hole in the floor (or ceiling) with its acid. Of course, it just causes the ship to fill with water. Team Rocket nearly drowns but are saved by Misty's Goldeen, which is trying to find a way out. It brings them to the dry part of the ship and set them near Ash, Brock and Misty. Being harsh enemies, they start to fight, but the extra weight of all their Pokémon causes the ship to tip. Quickly, they all put their Pokémon back into the Pokéballs and decide to call it a truce temporarily.
Misty, who's built a model of the St. Anne before, knows exactly how to get out. It includes crossing over an inferno-filled room. To get across the fire, Ash has Bulbasaur extend his vines across the room, and the gang walks across the vines like tight-rope walkers. Team Rocket reluctantly walks across, despite a fear of fire and heights. Ash gets Charmander to burn a hole in the ceiling. Water gushes through it, and Ash calls Charmander back into his Pokéball, right before it hits him. Everyone ties themselves up to a water Pokémon. Everyone grabs hold of a water Pokémon except for Team Rocket. In desperation, James calls out his Magikarp, but Magikarp can't swim, and the ship topples into the enormous abyss. Back on the surface, Ash and his friends are standing on top of a floating object and have absolutely no idea where land is. Brock tells Ash about the story of Noah and how he used a bird to find land. After hearing this, Ash sends Pidgeotto to fly out and bring something back. Pidgeotto brings back Team Rocket and a floundering Magikarp. Ash, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu are about to give them a funeral when they suddenly wake up. Hours later, they're all hungry and want to eat Magikarp, but its scales are too hard. James is very angry at Magikarp's uselessness and kicks him into the water. Suddenly, Magikarp evolves into an angry Gyaradros (a huge Sea serpent). Misty calls upon her water Pokémon to tow the raft while everyone rows to escape from the chasing serpent. Eventually, the Gyarados stops its pursuit and everyone thinks they're safe, except for Misty. Misty says that the Gyarados might be using its most powerful attack, the Dragon Rage. Summoning more of his species, Gyarados and his friends spin in a circle to create a water-filled tornado. The tornado manages to suck everyone in. Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu are holding hands, but can't hold on for much longer. Will our heroes get away safe and sound?

Episode 17: Island of the Giant Pokemon

In the last episode, Team Rocket, Ash, Misty, and Brock joined forces to protect each other...but only temporarily, however, they couldn't shield themselves from the ultimate attack from Gyarados's Dragon Rage. With this attack, everyone was washed up in the hurricane and they were all stranded somewhere.
Ash wakes up on an island, wondering how he got there. He wakes up Misty and Brock. Ash can't seem to find Pikachu, and discovers that he only has two Pokémon with him. Elsewhere on the beach, Team Rocket is stuck on the dirt when a Krabby pinches both of them, and they wake up. They begin to think they're invincible because they've survived almost everything. But soon they realize they haven't heard any annoying sounds...Meowth has gone somewhere, and so are Ekans and Koffing. They find a phone booth, (weird to have it in the middle of nowhere) but then they find that they have no change.
In another area of the beach, Pikachu wakes up, and finds 3 Pokéballs on the ground. He calls them out, and asks if they're ok. They are, and Squirtle wonders where they are. Bulbasaur asks if they are lost and Charmander asks where they are. Pikachu doesn't have the answers. They look around, and see a Slowpoke, a Pokémon, resting on a rock. Pikachu and Charmander ask him where they are, but he doesn't reply. So they just leave him alone after he puts his tail into the water. Night falls. The Pokémon are searching for their masters, courtesy of Charmander's fire, which lights up the place. Somewhere nearby, Meowth is spying on them. He challenges the Pokémon to a match. He begins the Team Rocket motto, but it doesn't even make Ash's Pokémon scared at all. He asks for help by Koffing and Ekans, but they refuse because he's not their master. They comment on how Pokémon aren't evil, and how they only do bad things when their masters are bad. Meowth can not fight all of Ash's Pokémon on his own and they tie him up to a tree. Both groups of Pokémon--Ash's Pokémon and Team Rocket's Pokémon join forces to try and find their masters. They have traveled a long way, so they are all obviously hungry. They stop, make a fire and begin munching, and having a little chat. Meowth asks for food, but Squirtle refuses to give him any until he apologizes. Meowth refuses to.
Suddenly, the Pokémon hear a huge thumping sound coming from near them. They all look up and see that it's a huge Pokémon! Of course they run away. Pikachu stays to untie Meowth from the tree. This doesn't change their relationship, though. Somewhere else on the island, Ash and his friends are also running away from the huge monsters. Team Rocket is also running away from the huge monsters (what a coincidence). Team Rocket hits a sign, causing them to lose the Pokémon. It thanks it for saving them. The lost Pokémon are now resting with a pal, Slowpoke. Some of them are crying, while others are fighting or calming each other down. Some of the Pokémon suspect that their trainers abandoned them, but Charmander and Pikachu don't believe that.
The next morning, Ash, Misty, and Brock are resting in a cave, and decide they should go out and look for their Pokémon. Team Rocket wakes up and runs for the phone booth, planning to make a call. They call the boss collect, and he hangs up after they say their motto. So, then they have another plan instead, they decide to follow the phone cable, thinking it will lead them to the phone company. Soon, they see a huge Pikachu. They think it's a mirage, but its not, and the Pikachu attempts to squish them. Elsewhere, Ash and his friends make an attempt to escape the fire of a huge Charizard, an evolved Charmander. The Pokémon see it (without seeing their trainers), and then they see a Blastoise, an evolved Squirtle. Pikachu tells Squirtle to ask for directions. Squirtle does, but when he asks the huge turtle, it shoots out water at the Pokémon. Then they see a Venusaur, the evolved form of Bulbasaur. They ask Bulbasaur to talk to it, saying that they are like family, but he replies that he is like an orphan. Squirtle calls him a coward.
Back with Team Rocket, they are running away from the huge monsters (again). They find a rail road car, and hop in, but they go backwards instead so they decide to hit the brakes. Unfortunately for them, it breaks off, and they keep going. Ash and his friends are on a land bridge, and they see a huge Pikachu. Then they see a rail road car coming closer. It collides with the bridge, and the bridge collapses. Everyone falls into the cart. Then they look behind them, and their real Pokémon are running behind the cart. Then Misty points out a loop up ahead. After they go around the loop, the Pokémon jump onto the cart. Then, Meowth appears, and the rest of the Team Rocket group celebrates. Suddenly, a huge mechanical bird crashes into the giant Pokémon pile and the rail car crashes into the water. Just then, a tour boat that belongs to a theme park called "Pokémon Land,"  floats by. At Pokémon Land, you get to see mechanical reproductions real Pokémon only many times their real size! Team Rocket's boss gets a call that his million-dollar theme park has just been trashed, while Ash and his friends find their way to the beautiful town of Porta Vista.

Episode 18: Tentacool and Tentacruel

Ash, Brock, and Misty are in the town of Porta Vista without enough money to ride the ferry off the island. They're waiting at the dock for another ferry to pass by when a battered Horsea (a blue seahorse Pokémon) tries to warn them of some danger. They don't understand what it's trying to say. It squirts out an ink pattern in the water. Suddenly, a boat on the ocean explodes which sends some sailors flying into the air. Misty sends out Starmie, Staryu and Goldeen to help rescue them while Ash and Brock get a boat. Misty's water Pokémon get the sailors on the boat and find the sailors are paralyzed. The sailors ask to see their boss.
The sailors boss is Nestina, a short, ugly woman with a mean temper. Nestina is trying to build a resort on the reef off-shore, but the Tentacools (jellyfish-looking Pokémon) keep interfering with her plans. She wants Ash and friends to exterminate the Tentacool and offers them lots fabulous prizes if they're successful. Ash and Brock are all for it, but Misty gets mad and storms off because she thinks Tentacools are cute. Misty loves water-type Pokémon, she's a lot nicer when she's with them but she especially loves the Tentacool and thinks they're beautiful (Ash and Brock think otherwise). Suddenly, Ash realizes that Horsea was trying to warn them about the Tentacools with a picture it made by blasting ink on the water looked like Tentacools. Just then, Nestina makes a public announcement saying that she's offering a generous reward, to anyone who can exterminate the Tentacools.
After the announcement, a riot forms to get rid of the Tentacools. Nestina arrives in a tank to calm everyone down and a suction-dart rose hits the tank's barrel. It's Team Rocket (James threw the rose). Team Rocket accepts the challenge of getting rid of the Tentacools and rides a boat to the construction site of the resort. Their plan was to dump stun sauce on the Tentacool, get the reward money and then sell the Tentacool for profit! When they arrive at the site, Jesse realizes that there's not enough stun sauce to have any affect on all those Tentacools. All the Tentacools team up and blast the boat to bits, sending Team Rocket flying and the barrel of stun sauce hits one of the Tentacools, turning it into a gigantic Tentacruel! (Tentacruel are only supposed to be around 5' 03" in height). The Tentacruel grabs Team Rocket, destroys the construction site, and plans to take down Porta Vista also. Everyone turn to flee as the giant jellyfish's approach causes a tidal wave. Jesse and James wind up on a pole and Meowth finds himself the unwitting victim of a Tentacruel. It takes control of his body. Using Meowth as a speaker, it announces that he and all the Tentacool will destroy the human's home like they've destroyed the Tentacool's home (the ocean).
Ash tries to let down the Tentacruel by sending out Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Squirtle out, riding on Pidgeotto, Butterfree, and Zubat. Misty unleashes the forces of Starmie, Staryu and Goldeen. Misty's Pokémon and Zubat herd the Tentacool back into the ocean while the flying Pikachu and Bulbasaur attack the massive Tentacruel. The Tentacruel smacks Butterfree and Bulbasaur. Then, Horsea and Pikachu try to reason with it. Finally, Misty convinces Tentacruel to stop the damage. She says that the people would stop doing that they were doing. The Tentacruel believes her, tosses Meowth away, and heads back out to the ocean. Then Nestina tries to attack the Tentacruel with machine guns and bazookas, but doesn't seem to do any harm on the Tentacruel as it smacks her off the island and all the way to her cousin's house. In the end, Misty gets Horsea as her new Pokémon. Team Rocket gets dragged behind a ferry in a barrel. (What a way to travel!) Read the next episode to find out what happens...