Episodes 1-10

Episode 1: Pokemon I Choose You!

Ash Ketchum is watching a Pokémon battle on TV at bedtime, when his mother tells him to go to sleep. When he refuses, his mother decides to prepare him for training, by having him watch a Pokémon video. Ash then vows to become the greatest Pokémon trainer ever. While dreaming about Pokémon, he throws his voltorb alarm clock, thinking it is a pokeball, and breaking it. The next morning, he oversleeps, and arrives late to Professor Oak's lab. Ash comes across Professor Oak's grandson, Gary, who claims that he picked the best Pokémon of the litter. When Ash sees Professor Oak, all the starter Pokémon are taken so he settles for Pikachu, a disobedient, electrical rodent, who doesn't like his new trainer, and dislikes going into the Pokéball. Professor Oak gives Ash a Pokéball and a Pokédex, a small computer which gives important information about Pokémon.
  Afterwards, Ash begins his journey to the next town. He comes across a Pidgey. He tries to get Pikachu to fight it, but Pikachu just climbs up a tree and watches Ash trying to catch it instead . A while later, Ash finds a Spearow, a even better Pokémon than a Pidgey. Ash throws a rock at it and starts to make it mad. The Spearow then swoops down towards Ash but misses. Then it heads towards Pikachu instead. Pikachu fights back with his electric bolt and takes him down. Then the Spearow starts calling some other spearow and they all chase them. Ash and Pikachu jump into a river and come across Misty, who is fishing. Ash steals her bike to get away from the Spearows. As the flock of Spearows are closing in on them, Ash tries to defend Pikachu. Pikachu lets out a huge bolt of electricity at them. Pikachu has lost all his energy taking down the flock, so Ash puts him in his arms, and starts running to the Pokémon Centre in Viridian City.

Episode 2: Pokemon Emergency!

Ash heads into Viridian city with his injured Pokémon. A public announcement is made that there are Pokémon poachers in the area. Ash is stopped by a policewoman who thinks that Ash might have stolen Pikachu. After saying that he didn't steal it, the policewoman asks Ash for some I.D. Not knowing that the Pokédex was some form of I.D., Ash continues to plead that he didn't steal Pikachu. Suddenly, the policewoman sees and takes out Dexter from Ash's pocket, confirming that he is a trainer. She then takes Ash and Pikachu directly to the Pokémon Centre (it's like a Pokémon hospital) on her motorcycle. When they arrive at the Pokémon Centre, Ash gives Pikachu to the nurse. She lays Pikachu on a stretcher and takes him to the emergency room. Ash is stuck waiting in the waiting room, where he decides to call his mom. He receives a call from Professor Oak. Out of nowhere, Misty shows up with her badly, broken bike and starts insulting Ash. Her anger fades when she hears about Pikachu. Then, Pikachu is brought out and the nurse tells Ash that he will be alright.
Without a warning, Team Rocket (the villains who steal Pokémon), shows up at the Centre with their two strong Pokémon, Ekans and Koffing. Ash, Misty and the nurse head to the Pokémon Transformation Centre, where Team Rocket finds them, and starts a battle with Koffing and Ekans, fighting Rattata, Pidgey and Goldeen. To save the other Pokémon, the nurse starts transporting all the Pokéballs to the Pewter City Pokémon Centre. In the middle of it all, Ash turns to run away to get Pikachu. As Ash is running with Pikachu, who is still on the stretcher, Team Rocket's monsters follow. The stretcher hits a wire, and Pikachu wakes up. He calls his other Pikachu friends to help take care of the monsters with a gigantic electric surge which destroys the Pokémon Centre. The explosion forces Team Rocket to run away as they vow to steal Pikachu, thinking that Pikachu is not just an ordinary Pokémon. Ash, Misty and Pikachu start heading to Pewter City. They walk into a forest. Misty discovers a Caterpie (a bug Pokémon that looks like a huge caterpillar). Then, Ash throws a Pokéball at it....

Episode 3: Ash Catches a Pokemon!

Ash throws a Pokéball at the Caterpie and manages to catch it. This is Ash's first time to catch a Pokémon. He lets the Caterpie out, and Pikachu gives it a warm welcome. Then the Caterpie goes over to Misty. She becomes disgusted with it and admits hating carrots, bell peppers, and bugs. The Caterpie seems to like Misty, and starts crying when she rejects him. Ash suggests that she becomes friends with it. Hugging Pikachu, she says she'll be his friend instead, and suggests that he be Caterpie's friend. Mad and jealous, Ash threatens that he'll abandon Misty in the forest. Pikachu jumps out of Misty's arms and quickly follows him.
Misty starts to follow Ash, so he has no choice but to take her along. Ash asks Misty that if she thinks he's such bad trainer, why does she keep following him. She insists that she won't leave him alone until he repays her for her broken bike. When night comes along, Pikachu and Caterpie are having a little conversation. The next morning, Caterpie is found sleeping next to Misty. Ash finds a Pidgeotto, an evolved form of Pidgey. It chases Caterpie until Ash puts him in a Pokéball. Then, Ash sends for Pikachu to capture Pidgeotto. Not long after, Team Rocket shows up and demands that Ash give up Pikachu. Ash refuses to, so Team Rocket releases their Pokémon. Pidgeotto fights but the battle was going nowhere. Ash calls upon Caterpie, who was injured by Pidgeotto earlier. Caterpie uses his String attack on Ekans and Koffing. He then wraps Meowth in the string and Team Rocket flees again. After the battle, Misty agrees to become Caterpie's friend. As she was going to pet him, Caterpie mummifies himself in string and becomes Metapod. The Pokédex says that Caterpie evolved into Metapod quicker than the others. Misty wants to leave the forest but Ash insists on staying and catching more Pokémon. 

Episode 4: Challenge of the Samurai

Well, Ash, Misty, and Pikachu are wandering around forest in search of more Pokémon. Misty REALLY wants to get out of there and on to Pewter City when she discovers another bug Pokémon called a Weedle (a caterpillar with a poisonous stinger). She screams and Ash tries calling upon Pikachu to catch it but he's napping so he sent Pidgeotto instead to try to catch it. In the middle of the battle, Misty runs away and meets a Samurai Pokémon trainer, Ososhru. He tells her not to scream or else she'll attract the attention of some Beedrills (a Weedle's the third-stage of evolution). Then, Ososhru asks Misty if she knows of any Pokémon trainers from Pallet Town. Immediately, she thinks of Ash. As the battle between Pidgeotto and the Weedle is still going on, and Ash is about to catch the Weedle, he is interrupted by the Samurai, who declares a battle. The Weedle manages to run away and Ash agrees to the battle. Ash calls upon the weakened Pidgeotto to fight against the Samurai's Pincer. In no time, Pidgeotto loses to Pincer, so Ash calls upon Metapod. Metapod's shell hardens and Pincer is unable to penetrate it. Ososhru calls his Pincer back and brings out his Metapod. His Metapod also hardens.
Meanwhile, Team Rocket is lurking somewhere in the forest and is trying to avoid the Beedrills. Back at the battle, Ososhru and Ash are still urging their Metapod on, when some Beedrills interrupt them. The samurai call his Metapod back but the Beedrills gets a hold of Ash's Metapod. Ash, the samurai, and the others run to the samurai's cabin as the Beedrills come after them. In the cabin, the samurai tells his story of how he's lost to three trainers from Pallet Town, vows to defeat one. The next morning, Ash finds Metapod near a bunch of Kakuna. Suddenly, Team Rocket shows up, and demands to have Pikachu again. This awakens the Beedrills, and they start chasing everyone. Ash escapes but Team Rocket doesn't. Ash is runs and talks to Metapod, but he won't respond,  thinking that Ash abandoned him. A Beedrill swoops down towards Ash, but Metapod saves him by jumping in front of him. They beat the Beedrills and Metapod miraculously evolves into Butterfree. The samurai doesn't see Ash as a novice anymore and shows him the way to Pewter City.

Episode 5: Showdown In Pewter City

Team Rocket tries to set up a hole in the ground as a trap for Ash and the others, but lose the sight of the trap, and fall in it themselves. Meanwhile, Ash, Misty and Pikachu are relieved to get out of the forest. They meet this rock-seller who said that they were standing on his merchandise. The seller notices Ash's worn out Pokémon, so he takes them to the Pewter City Pokémon Centre. Ash enters the centre and gives another Nurse Joy (all the nurses are identical in every Pokémon Centre) his Pokémon. The nurse shows Ash a poster about the Pokémon League's National Championship Tournament, but Ash needs to get a badge from the Pewter City Gym. Ash and Misty eat at a restaurant and Ash leaves Misty with the bill since he didn't want her to help him defeat the gym leader. Ash runs to the Pokémon Centre to get his Pokémon back and turns to go towards the gym. There, Ash challenges Brock, the leader of the Pewter City gym. Brock tells Ash the tournament rules and the battle begins. Ash sends Pikachu to go against Brock's Onix (a rock Pokémon). Pikachu electric attacks are not effective against Brock's pokemon. Ash loses the battle and leaves the gym.
The rock-seller shows Ash that Brock is the guardian of 10 younger brothers and sisters, because his father left to become a pokemon master but never returned. This makes Ash a little sad, but he is still determined to beat Brock. The rock-seller offers to help Ash out and make Pikachu stronger. They Ash goes back to the gym and tries to beat Brock again. Ash loses again with Pikachu in Onix's grip. Brock calls his Onix to stop because he didn't want to see Pikachu hurt anymore. The sparks from Pikachu's blast start the water sprinkling system weakening Onix. Ash decides to take advantage of the situation and calls Pikachu to strike at Onix. Suddenly, Brock's brothers and sisters hold back Ash. Ash remembers what Brock has to go through so he calls back Pikachu. Ash and Pikachu leave the gym, when Brock catches up with them. He gives Ash a badge for caring about other people and other Pokémon. Brock tells Ash that he can't go with him because he still has to take care of his siblings. Suddenly, the rock-seller appears and says that he is actually Brock's father. He reveals that he was too ashamed to return home because of his failure. He suggests that Brock go with Ash, and says he will take care of his children. Brock is all ready to go and joins Ash on his quest. Ash says he is glad that he will have someone to talk to. Brock asks him wouldn't he talk to the girl following them (Misty), but Ash tells him to just ignore her. As they're running to the next city, they trample over Team Rocket's heads. 

Episode 6: Clefairy and the Moon Stone

Misty, Ash, Brock and Pikachu head towards Cerulean City where they reach Mt. Moon. Legend has it that a meteor known as the Moonstone smashed into the mountain during prehistoric times. On Mt. Moon, they meet a scientist named Seymour, who is being swarmed from a flock of some Zubats (a bat Pokémon). Pikachu saves him with his famous electrical blast. After giving his thanks, Seymour tells them that a moon stone is very special, and helps increases a Pokémon's power. He informs them that some troublemakers, looking for the Moonstone, had put up lights in the cave, confusing the Pokémon. Inside the cave, a Clefairy (pink powder puff) carrying a Moonstone fragment passes them. Ash wants to catch it but Seymour says not to. After the Clefairy disappears within the caves, it screams. Ash, along with the others, come rushing to its rescue. They find Team Rocket and Meowth. They let loose Koffing and Ekans to capture the Clefairy. Ash tells Misty to help Clefairy and Seymour escape as he and Brock stall Team Rocket with Butterfree and a Zubat that Brock captured outside the cave. Misty, Clefairy, and Seymour escape as Zubat uses his super-sonic attack to confuse Ekans and Koffing into attacking each other, then Butterfree whirlwinds Team Rocket outside the cave. Outside, the Clefairy is attacked by Meowth again. Misty calls upon her Staryu (a starfish-looking Pokémon), who lets loose its star-attack and beats Meowth and fills him up with water. Meowth blows up like a balloon and blasts away as the water rushes out of his mouth.
Later on, they all sit down and the pokemon eat some of Brock's special Pokémon food. Clefairy and Pikachu have a conversation. They lead the group to a cave that contains the Moonstone. Clefairy takes out its rock fragment that it has been holding the whole time and puts it near the Moonstone. Suddenly, more clefairy appear and dance around it. Pikachu, tries to communicate with Ash and he finally gets it-- the clefairy pray to the Moonstone. Again, Team Rocket shows up and challenges Ash and Brock to a another battle. They start battling but it's not long when Koffing's smoke fills the air. Pidgeotto whirls away the smoke. They discover that the Moonstone has been stolen by Team Rocket. Onix chases them them underground. Onix jumps out of the ground and they collide, which sends Team Rocket airborne. Meanwhile, Seymour explains to the clefairy why they must help return the Moonstone. The clefairy appear and use an attack called Metronome. This causes a random TM to be used. The Clefairy perform an attack similar to earthquake or fissure. It blasts everyone into the air and blows up the Moonstone as well. As fragments Moonstone fall from the sky, several clefairy evolve into clefable (they're bigger and have bigger wings). The clefairy and clefable gather around a pile of Moonstone fragments. Seymour tells the gang that he'll be staying with them  and will do some more research. Soon, the group head for Cerulean City. On the way, Ash finds a message scribbled on the sign that reads, "Gary was here! Ash is a loser!" Angry Ash runs down the road with Brock and Misty following him.

Episode 7: The Water Flowers of Cerulean City

The gang is heading down the path to Cerulean City. Ash is anxious to get another badge. Misty starts getting uneasy that they are nearing Cerulean City. She says that there are lots of scary ghost Pokémon there, and suggests that they go to Vermilion City instead. But, still, Ash and Brock go down the path into Cerulean City. Meanwhile, in a Cerulean store, Team Rocket sneaks in and steals a vacuum and a giant hose. Ash and Brock wander around and discover that they have lost Misty. Soon, they across a crime scene. A person says there are burglars, and a policewoman, who looks a lot like the one from Viridian City, says she is the twin sister-in-law of the policewomen (Officer Jenny)  in the previous episodes. She starts getting suspicious, but Ash proves her wrong with his Pokédex. Officer Jenny tells Ash and Brock about the theft, but they don't know who did it yet. They sit down on a bench, and Ash wants some info on the Cerulean City Gym, but Brock won't tell him anything. Brock says he needs to do some "stuff" and leaves Ash by himself.
Finally, Ash finds the gym, and enters it, ready to fight. He's really surprised and finds a group of sisters performing on a long pool, doing dives and synchronized swimming. Ash leaves the main room, and he sees that the gym is like built like an aquarium. He soon runs into the three, beautiful sisters, and he discovers they are called the "Sensational Sisters," and he challenges them, but they are all worn out by fighting other people. They didn't feel like fighting so one of the sisters offers to just give Ash a cascade badge (badge that you get after winning a battle) and skip the hassle of battling. Ash says he rather earn it, then suddenly, Misty enters, and challenges Ash to a battle. Misty admits that she is a sensational sister also, but her older sister says she is a runt. Her sisters start insulting her and say Ash is her boyfriend. Misty denies it and they start to battle.
Ash calls on Pikachu, but Pikachu doesn't want to fight a Misty, his friend. So Ash calls upon Butterfree instead. Misty calls upon her Staryu. Butterfree uses  tackle, but Staryu uses a counter attack and blocks it. The battle goes on for a while, as Butterfree definitely has an advantage. Butterfree uses its sleeping powder, but Staryu washes it off. Misty's Staryu uses some more tackles. Staryu beats Butterfree by knocking it into the water. Then Ash calls Pidgeotto, so Misty calls Starmie. They continue fighting` for a while, and Pidgeotto blasts Starmie into the wall. Without a warning, there's a rumbling noise, and Team Rocket appears with this machine with a large hose to suck up all the Pokémon from the pool. They were actually the ones who stole it from the store earlier. Team Rocket sucks up Seel, but Pikachu uses a thunderbolt and electrocute Team Rocket, but Pikachu is also being sucked up too. Ash climbs up on the giant hose and turns the switch. Pikachu gets out safe and sound. Team Rocket blasts off again. After that, Ash gets the badge for his heroic deed from the Sensational Sisters, but Misty argues that she should of had it instead. Brock catches up with them and Misty and Ash begin to fight again. They go on their path to get more badges. 

Episode 8: The Path to the Pokemon League

Proud Ash is on the path to Vermilion City, with two Gym badges, he is determined to beat the trainer at the next gym. Along the way, Ash uses his Pokémon, Pidgeotto, to defeat a trainer, and he compliments him about his skills. After Ash gets his tenth victory, the trainer tells Ash to challenge A.J. at his gym. Ash finds the gym, A.J.'s Gym, which is not an official Pokkemon League Gym. Ash meets A.J., and finds out that he has 98 wins so far. Confidently, Ash challenges A.J.. to a battle. A.J. takes out his whip, and Ash shows off his badges. A.J. calls the badges are from loser gyms which makes Misty and Brock angry. They tell Ash to pulverize this guy. A.J. calls upon Sandshrew (an armadillo-looking Pokémon), as Ash takes out Pidgeotto. Pidgeotto is suppose to have an advantage over Sandshrew (a ground-type Pokémon), but the Sandshrew has had some good training and knocks Pidgeotto from the air. Ash calls Pidgeotto after being defeated, and takes out Butterfree. After using another attack from Sandshrew, Butterfree is knocked down too. Ash loses the match when Pikachu doesn't want to fight.
Team Rocket is close by and thinks the Sandshrew is tempting. James knocks Meowth down. But Ash, in the ring, cries and asks for a rematch, but A.J. doesn't want one. Then, Ash suspects foul play. The group finds out how A.J. trains his Pokémon, but it looks like he's torturing the Pokémon. Sandshrew dives in the water, which is supposed to be very painful, because it is a ground pokemon. Angrily, Ash pushes A.J. into the water. A.J. tells his story to the gang that Sandshrew was the first Pokémon he ever caught, and they promised to be the best there ever was. Team Rocket lurks nearby, in the tent. The bell rings in the gym tent, and A.J. gives the Pokémon a short break. Team Rocket disguises itself and mistakes Sandshrew for Pikachu and kidnap him! A.J. is devastated when he discovers Sandshrew is missing. He calls for him, but there is no response. Ash suggests that Sandshrew might have run away due to A.J.'s harsh training methods. Elsewhere, Sandshrew jumps out of the bag and knocks out Meowth. Sandshrew manages to escape by digging into the ground with Meowth's mouth latched on its tail. Soon, Sandshrew and Meowth are found in the tent. Ash, Misty, and Brock discover that A.J. really does care about his Pokémon after an emotional moment.  Pikachu points out Meowth is on the floor. Team Rocket suddenly appears out of nowhere. Jesse and James have come to Meowth's rescue. They insult A.J.'s Sandshrew and gym. A.J. challenges them for his 100th win and, as usual, Jesse chooses Ekans, while James calls out Koffing. Bringing the match to a close, Sandshrew leaps into the air, smashing into the ground hard enough to split it in half (Earthquake or Fissure). The monsters freak out and run away, as A.J gets his 100th win. A.J decides leaves on his own, in search for some badges. In the end, Ash decides A.J. isn't as bad as he thought, and promises he'll beat him next time as the world's greatest Pokémon trainer. 

Episode 9: The School of Hard Knocks

Once again, Ash, Misty, and Brock are heading down the path and on their way to Vermilion city. At the beginning, Ash and Misty are in a fog-shrouded place, fighting over the bike. Brock tries to settle them down. Then he says the group needs some food, so he sets up a table. Brock says Ash and Misty are too young for the coffee, so he offers some prune juice instead. Misty wants tea, so Brock takes out his official "Pokémon Tea Set." Then Brock takes out his "sparkling water" and offers Ash and Misty some French snacks, (they were crępes actually) but he can't make any if he doesn't have any firewood. Misty doesn't want to go and stays with Brock, so Ash is the one left to get some. Pikachu finds a fire in the distance. Ash actually finds a group of kids in suits interrogating some other kid on a treadmill. It seems like they are  bullying the kid so Ash bursts in, and tells them to stop bullying him. The group of kids finally leave and Ash learns that they are from Pokémon Tech, a school for Pokémon trainers who want to join the Pokémon League without traveling around  fighting for badges. Brock reads the brochure Misty has about it. The group finds the school, and Joe (the kid who was getting bullied) tells them that he was just pretending that he didn't know the answers to the questions, so he wouldn't get any harder questions. Joe tells them that a beginner is as good as a person with 2 badges, and an intermediate student is as good as someone with 4 badges. And an advance student is as good as someone with eight badges. Joe also mentions that many students don't graduate but are too embarrassed to leave without a diploma. Ash says he wants to meet the person in charge of the student-helping course, and Joe shows them a picture of a girl, who Ash and Brock immediately like. Misty gets jealous right away, and decides to look for the girl. 
Meanwhile, Jessie and James are getting flashbacks from when they were in Pokémon Tech, and remember how they did in that school. Anyway, the group heads towards the place where the girl usually practices. Joe tells them that he's better than the rest. Misty and Joe want to battle after Joe insults her gym. Misty calls upon Starmie while Joe calls upon his Weepingbell. Starmie uses some water attacks which blasts Weepingbell down. Joe wonders why he lost, because grass pokemon are strong against water pokemon. Gazelle, the girl in charge of the student-training course, tells them that Misty's Pokémon is much more stronger than his. Misty and Gazelle have a cat fight and decide to battle. Graveler (a rock Pokémon) and Starmie go at it. Rock Pokémon are weak against water ones, but Gazelle beats Misty anyway. Ash butts in and says some stuff to Gazelle. After a heated chit chat, Ash and Gazelle decide to battle. Ash calls upon Pikachu and Gazelle calls on her Cubone (a lizard wearing a cow's skull and wielding a bone). Pikachu uses shock attack, and Cubone counters. Cubone uses his bone to throw at Pikachu, so Pikachu decides makes some faces to stare Cubone down. After approaching each other, Cubone clubs him on the head with his bone. Ash comments that bone club is a cheap move. He tells Pikachu to give it his best shot, and when Cubone throws the bone again, Pikachu jumps over it. He uses regular moves instead of electric ones, such as hitting the Cubone, scratching it, and  biting it. A humbled Gazelle calls back Cubone when he starts to cry. Out of nowhere, Team Rocket, who had the worse grades ever, shows up. Gazelle calls upon  her group of classmates to fight against Team Rocket, and after being pelted by Pokéballs, they blast off again. After, Gazelle learns an important lesson. Joe decides to go home and start from scratch, just like Ash. 

Episode 10: Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village

Ash, Misty, and Brock are traveling in the forest, lost. Misty and Ash start fighting again and Brock tries to break the fight up. While resting near a pond, Ash spots an Oddish (a blue radish with feet) taking a drink. Misty wants to catch it. She starts with her Staryu and the battle begins. Just before she was about to throw the Pokéball at the weakened Oddish, another Pokémon called Bulbasaur, intercepts it and knocks away Staryu. Ash is excited to get a chance to catch the pokemon he missed out on. He calls upon Butterfree to do it. Butterfree tries to wear Bulbasaur down with a a sleep attack but Bulbasaur just blows it back at Butterfree and makes it sleepy instead. In all the confusion, Bulbasaur and Oddish run away to the bushes. Eventually, Ash forgets about it and the gang tries to cross a suspension bridge that isn't on their map. Suddenly, the ropes break. They cling on for a while until Brock can't hold on any longer and falls into the river below. Ash and Misty are able to climb back up. Ash, Misty and Pikachu start running to look for Brock. Suddenly, Misty falls into a big hole but manages to get out. She and Ash start running to look for Brock again. This time, they get caught in a net. Unable to move Ash, Misty and Pikachu are left hanging up on a tree in a net. Bulbasaur comes along but just leaves them hanging there.
Suddenly, Brock appears and cuts them down. Brock tells them that a beautiful girl, Melanie, saved him from being washed away in the river. He brings them to a small house, which is supposed to be like a Pokémon Centre. When they arrive there, they meet Melanie, Misty starts teasing Brock because he had a crush on her. Later on, Misty sees Oddish there and apologizes that she tried to catch him earlier. The little house is protected by Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur wants to fight because he doesn't like Pokémon trainers, and wants Ash, Misty, and Brock to leave. Melanie tries to tell him that they mean no harm. Then, as usual, Team Rocket appear to ruin things. They ride on top of a floating on a stadium roof that is suspended by balloons. The huge roof lands and a giant vacuum tube pops out and begins to suck everything up, including the Pokémon. Melanie urges everyone to go into the house for safety. Bulbasaur bursts out the front door and attacks the vacuum to save them. Ash gains Bulbasaur's respect by helping the pokemon. Melanie suggests that Bulbasaur go with Ash, but Bulbasaur insists on being fought and caught the traditional way. Ash uses Pikachu to fight Bulbasaur and catches it.