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Topic: Does Misty like Ash?
written by Togepi

Many of you have heard that ::shudder:: American Pokemon CD. 

Many of you heard track 11, "Misty's Song." ::shudder::

Many of you have been to this site: http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Field/1731/ashmisty.html

I was first introduced to this site when someone e-mailed me asking if Ash likes Misty. I gave an honest opinion, and the person returned my e-mail, disagreeing what I said, and sent me this link, and telling me about "Misty's Song." I'd first like to say this:


Thank you.

Anyhoo, my rant will be based off this site, and how I think that it's pointless as the pokeball bg backgrounds. Any flames sent to me after this will be read, then trashed. ^.^

Ok, I'd like to state that NONE of these pictures work whatsoever. "The biggest clue that Misty likes Ash is that she starts off following him just because she likes him herself and not because of him trashing her Bike. But she claims the only reason she is following him is because of the bike. Bad excuse. ^^; (Through-out the series)"

I have a good argument for that ^.^. If you have played the pokemon game, you'll see that bike is extremely expensive. Obviously, if something's that expensive, I'd think you would like to be repaid. ^.^

"Here's another one. When she saw Caterpie, she didn't go off running and screaming like crazy. She hid behind Ash instead! (Episode 2, Pokemon Emergency!)"

The Viridian Forest is a very large place. If she went out screaming like crazy, then most likely she would get lost, which would create a whole new plot. ^.^

"When she had met the "samurai", she went off to find Ash and warn him. Well if she hadn't cared at all, she wouldn't go find Ash and warn him would she? (Episode 3, Challenge of the Samurai)"

I think that's more of a sign of friendship. I never said that they weren't friends. Also, he was responsible for her broken/damaged/crisped bike. 

"Ash tries to get his first badge from a Gym trainer, Brock. Misty says that she would help, but Ash believes he could do it himself. Misty tries asking a 2nd time, when Ash and Pikachu were at the mill powering up, but Ash still says that he could do it himself. (Episode 5, Showdown in Pewter City)"

Notice that Brock is a rock pokemon trainer. Misty is water. Water is weak against rock, so it would be extremely easy for her, ne? (P.S. It's Episode 4)

"Misty is furious when her sisters say that Ash is her boyfriend. But she doesn't want to admit she likes him, so she battles Ash. (Episode 7, The Water Flowers of Cerulean City)"

Just because you say that someone isn't your boyfriend, doesn't mean automatically that you like that person. She battles Ash because she didn't want Ash to just get a Cerulean Badge without earning it. ^.^ 

"When Ash sees the picture, he thinks Giselle looks really pretty. Which made Misty really jealous... (Episode 9, School of Hard Knocks)"

Hmm... doesn't Misty start knocking Brock unconscious every time that he sees a pretty girl and starts drooling over her? Does that mean that *gasp* Misty likes Brock? Most likely not. (or maybe, but that's not the point I'm trying to prove.) Misty hated Giselle because of the way she treated her "friend," and how she would always show off on her looks.

"Brock taunts Misty, saying that there was a bug on the groundand Misty jumps right on top of Ash, scared. Then Brock says it was just a weed... Misty kicked him in the face... HARD! (Episode 11, Charmander, the Stray Pokemon)"

I don;t get how that would actually prove that Misty likes Ash. In Fushigi Yuugi, episode 12, Tamahome started crying and hugging Chichiri from seeing Taitskun's ug- I mean, face. ^.^;;;;;; And no, Tamahome is not in lovewith Chichiri...

"Misty taunts Ash by taking his pose when catching pokemon. (Episode 19, Tentacool and Tentacruel)"

Yes, and then Brock copied Misty coping Ash's pose. 

"Misty puts her hair down for the party in the end, and is pretty happy of what Ash thinks of her. (Episode 20, The Ghost of Maiden's Peak)"

*gasp* That's the only good reason! Or maybe, it could be that Misty is satisfied that Ash accepts her as a friend.

"A man with psychic powers warn Ash and his friends to stay away from Saffron Gym and Sabrina for their safety. Ash tells him that he can get a Marsh badge from Sabrina. The man used his psychic powers and made Ash do a little dance. Misty reaction was that she didn't want to see it, so she covered her eyes! If she really didn't like him, she would of laughed at him till the end of time! (Episode 22, Abra and the Psychic Showdown)"

Obviously, no one wouldn't want to see Ash dance like that...

"Ash, Misty and Brock walk to Lavender Town to catch a ghost pokemon. All of a sudden, a mist spreads through out the area. Ash says to hold hands, so Ash and Misty hold hands. But Brock was lost. He called for Ash and Ash waved his other hand where Pikachu was, on his shoulder. Brock took his hand to hold Ash's hand but instead grabbed Pikachu's tail! Pikachu thundershocked Brock, which made Misty scared! So much bright light in a fog! She jumped right onto Ash and hugged as tightly as she can! (Episode 23, The Tower of Terror)"

Do you think Misty would hug Brock, who was being fried by Pikachu?!?

"Misty makes fun of Ash for catching a "Donut Pokemon". (Umm, its not really a donut, but close enough for english episodes! Its made out of RICE!) (Episode 25, Primeape goes Bananas)"

Point being....? You're really confusing me. When you talked about Ash dancing and Misty covering her eyes, you're saying that she likes him because she's not making fun of him. Now you're saying that she likes him b/c she is teasing him. Oh yeah, it's onigiri. NOT doughnut, and no, it isn't even close.

"Misty tells Ash to give up trying to get his hat back. Misty didn't want Mankey to hurt Ash more then it already had! (Episode 25, Primeape goes Bananas)"

This is what I don't like about this site. It's making Misty seem like a person who doesn't care about anyone. Yes, Misty does care. She cares about her pokemon, she cares about Brock, and she cares about Ash. She cares about Ash just as much as her pokemon and Brock.

In one episode, all the children and pokemon are affected by sleep waves. Misty follows Ash around while he asks people if they have seen the children. Officer Jenny does the same but Brock has his own ideas... (Episode 27, Hypno's Naptime)

Think about it. Would go with Brock in his "oh-my-god-she-so-beautiful" mode? I think not.

When Ash bumped into the glass wall, he fell to the floor. Misty helped him up when no one else would. But... They bumped into another glass wall! Poor Ash... (Episode 32, The Ninja Poke-Showdown)

They didn't bump into another glass wall. It was Ash himself. And anyway, Brock and Pikachu were the only other ones there.

When Ash tries to find a way out, he finds a hidden door and accidentally goes into it. Misty realizes Ash isn't there so she runs trying to find him. (Episode 32, The Ninja Poke-Showdown)

*sigh* Your saying the same thing over and over again. Face it, Misty cares for everyone. She's a caring person.

Here's the point I'm trying to prove. I am against AAMRN, I am against the fact that Misty likes Ash, and vice-versa. Why? Because they don't, and people are putting up websites that they do, and declaring that they do. Now here's my question to you AAM people... what comes first to Ash, pokemon training and becoming a pokemon master?, or some silly little crush on a girl who bullies him around? And why would Misty have a crush on a bigheaded, small brained, stup- ::sees ash fans about to make scrambled eggs: Er...