Pokemon Editorial

Topic: Newspapers and Magazines are giving Pokemon a Bad Name
written by Jennifer Lee

One day my mom looked at the Pokemon key chains I had, and asked what is that. I answered that it was a key chain of a pokemon. "Oh," she said not paying any attention. About two weeks later she looked at them again and said "Is that Pokemon? I read about it in the newspaper. It said that it is the newest fad. The newspaper also mentioned that it was like poison to kids and teenagers."

Newspaper and magazines write articles about Pokemon. How much do these writers know about Pokemon? Have they played the game or a least watched a few episodes of the tv show? They shouldn't write about a topic that they don't know about. They call pokemon a fad that will fade out soon. I don't believe that the writers of these articles should judge pokemon without doing the proper research first.

My first impression of Pokemon was a bad one. I saw the commercial for the show and I thought it was a just a kids show. My opinion of pokemon stayed that way. I didn't even watch an episode of the show. That is until my friend told me about the game. I took the plunge and bought it, and I've been living and breathing pokemon ever since.